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Help with Tri-Rail Florida


Wednesday November 15 we arrive at Port Everglades from our transatlantic cruise and are making our way to West Palm Beach. Our chosen form of travel is Tri-Rail.

Perhaps someone has knowledge that would help:

1. The nearest station to the docks, Airport or town FLL.
2. Information on using ticket machines. Not always simple.

We are staying at Marriott West Palm Beach and the hotel is very near to the Tri-Rail station. The train is only 90 minutes from our departure airport in Miami and also very cheap compared to other forms of transport.



Dijoy, the nearest Tri-Rail Station from Port Everglades is the Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Station on Griffin Road next to Interstate 95 Freeway in Dania, FL. It's about a 15-20 minute drive by taxi from the Port.
I've never used the ticket machines, and there were people finding out the machines were not simple to use, but I read where Tri-Rail's management have simplified that.
Your hotel in WPB seems to be at the last station northbound, Magnolia Park. Since you are departing from Miami Int'l Airport (MIA), you'll be on the train from start to finish, a 67 mile trip.
Be forewarned, the trains do run late frequently, so when you are headed to MIA, leave early enough to give yourself 2-3 hours before your plane departs.


Thank you MD11F

In December last year we had a slight problem with the ticket machine IN NY on the Long Island Railway, had to pop back to the hotel to get a $10 note. Locals with children seemed to have more trouble than us. These machines are simple when you are used to them. We had one in Prague, everthing was in local language, but followed picture instructions, but the last action was pressing Return, which it did not show.

At Easter time between our two cruises, we firstly stayed in Doral, not to us an inspiring area of Miami, then a fantastic one night stay in Coconut Grove, then our last night was spent a Coral Gables. These stops give us a brief overview of the areas. Have to try FLL oneday.

Norman (Dijoy)