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Help me help us..


Staff member
Guys and Gals-

What would be your top 5 features you would like to see here at CT? I'll do my very best to get them implemented in a timely fashion. I'm already in talks for a new Cruise Review system and waiting on the release of the new Gallery. Thanks.


ummm I can't think of any new features at the moment but one improvement to the on the profile page, I wouldn't mind.

You can currently add your favourite cruise line/sailed with, which I like... only it doesn't include my favourite/sailed with so I can't use it! :p

I don't know whether it could be possible to add an "other" option with a text box to allow people to add their own as I know it would be a bit difficult to add every single cruise company!

PS. I love the flags! shame they aren't the waving ones, but yay flags! :D


Staff member
Let me look into that. But until then just let me know what line it is and I'll add it!