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Hello there!


Hi Ally,

Finally found the time to join here! Although DH has been telling me for a few years to join, I was not so bright! Thank you for the welcome


Ello & welcome matey, its brilliant to have you here in the CruisingTalk family :joy::joy:

I hope that you enjoy being here and if you have any problems finding your way around, just sing out and we'll be there to help you :)

Welcome aboard :joy:


Thank you Ally, glad I'm away from all the riff raff of CC! Just one question, is there a meet-n-greet area here where "normal" people can connect who are sailing on the same ship?



Welcome to the cruisingtalk website. :)

I am sure you will find plenty to interest you now you have joined us.

Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions you may have and we will try and provide an answer..

You can post a new topic under a ships name if you wish to meet anyone on the same cruise.

Do not forget to include the cruise sailing date or cruise number. :hoh:

Welcome aboard. :wave: