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Hello from Georgia!


First time cruiser here. Taking my first cruise ever (and first with my hubby) on 08/24/13 on the Carnival Fascination. Very excited! Would love to hear any advice/tips you may have :)


Hi ....welcome to the forum
I think you'll enjoy your 1st cruise....ask any questions you want
browse on older posts as they have useful information
Have fun and relax in the sun


Staff member
Welcome to the board! Some advice is to make sure you have all your paperwork done before you leave for your cruise. Do not try to do everything on your cruise, find things you really like and focus on them. You can always go back on some other cruise to do more. Most importantly feel free to ask any questions you have either to your travel agent or on the cruise board. We will be glad to answer any question we can to help you out and make your cruise experience a good one.


Thank you PEB! We've got the paperwork handled. I've read all the horror stories about other people not being prepared. Kind of surprises me. Everything I've received from the company our kids booked the cruise through for us clearly states what is required. As does the Carnival website I think I'm down now to the silly stuff like what to pack, whether to pay for the Faster to the Fun Pass or put that money towards Cruise Cash for drinks. I really like the idea of taking another cruise to do more! LOL