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Hello; first post and completely new.


Hello all,

I hope all is well and in great spirits. I am new to this forum and to cruising. I have never cruised in my life but have recently been interested. My husband and I would love to include cruises as part of our vacations but know nothing about it. A bit of introduction and pro's and cons from more experienced cruisers would be great.
Thank you so much and have a great night!


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Welcome to the board. I will give it a try to help you out.

Pro's. Cruising is the most relaxing way to travel. You unpack only once and still get to travel from place to place. The crew will wait on you night and day. You can do as much or as little as you want when on a cruise. You get to see multiple ports and find out if you would ever want to go back to those places and stay longer. You get to try different foods. The most important is you get to meet new friends from all over the world.

Con's. A cruise is not all inclusive unless it is the most expensive cruise lines. There are fee's and tips to be paid on most cruise lines. There are some restaurants that do charge on cruise ships. Drinks are NOT free on most cruise lines. Even though you can find places to be all alone and that are not crowded there are times you may run into lines on ships, such as boarding or debarking, going to the dining room or a show. Staterooms are nice but small.

One thing to know is that all cruise lines do cater to a specific demographic, so do research to find which cruise line is right for you. If you go with a TA find a TA that asks you what types of things you like so they can book you with a cruise line that suits you. If the TA just wants to book you a cruise without asking your likes and dislikes do not book with them, they are just going for maximum commision and not for your best interest.

Ask questions on the cruise boards regardless of how unimportant they may seem. People on the cruise boards are happy to answer all questions about cruising. If you read reviews keep in mind you do not know these people so their likes and dislikes may not be the same as yours. Use a review for general information.


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Ahh a newbie cruiser. I really wish I could go back to that first cruise. What an experience!