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Hello all!



Never joined a forum before but I feel the need to after a far-less-than-perfect third cruise with Royal Caribbean. I know enough that this isn't the right thread to detail it but I'm sure I'll find the right spot eventually!!
I love this web site for chatting. But; after we have chosen a cruise, before booking, we go to Cruise Critic and check out the reviews for the ship and itinerary that we chose. I find that they have the most up to date reviews by members.
I look for consistant gripes and kudos throughout the reviews and have found this to be a very accurate way to make a decision.
If you stick to the consistancy you can almost not go wrong. Sometimes a consistant gripe may be about something you don't care about one way or the other. In our case that would be the entertainment and on board activities.
We also discount scattered poor reviews because upon reading most of them, they are written by people who gripe about everything. (the type of person you could give $20 to and gripe because you didn't give them $50)
The Allure of the Seas gets consistantle good reviews; but the common gripe is that the buffet is too small and consequently too crowded.

Pam in CA

Welcome! Would love to hear your cruise experiences.

As for reviews, no matter where they are or who wrote them, I try to be objective and put myself in their place. If the review is too general ("the food sucked" or "the entertainment was lame"), I tend to wonder what's really going on because these are so subjective.


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