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Have you honeymooned on a cruise?


What was it like?

Did the cruise line lay on any special surprises for you, over and above anything you had organised/booked?

Would you recommend a cruise as a honeymoon, if so why?


Well kind of. We were suppose to get married in August and I upset my mom so she decided not to pay for the wedding. DH and I had already paid for our honeymoon which was a cruise for that time frame. We eloped instead in February but still went on our honeymoon in August. We cruised on NCL. We did not know anything about cruisng. We had an inside cabin on the lowest deck. lol For me it took me 10 years to try another cruise. Dh loved it and would have gone again in a hearteat the very next time we went on vacation. But not me. The cruise went out when Andrew hit and we had to go bakwards on our itinerary and then half of the ports were damaged. It just was not what I had imagined.

But 10 years later I was hooked.


I'll be getting married next month and we plan on going on our honeymoon in a few months from now (when work will let us), we have both decided that a honeymoon on sea would be lovely as we both are big cruisers. A friend went on the Valor for his honeymoon and told me it was lovely, so i'll be taking a closer look at that sometime soon