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Has Anyone Sailed on Aida Cruise Ships?


Several of our friends have sailed on Aida, all Germans. The passenger mix tends to be on the younger side, it is a club ship with lots of activities and fitness (carrying their own mountain bikes for shore excursions).

Aida will only accept German speakers, I know of one Englishman who sailed with them but took some time to book and he had to prove he coúld speak German.

I would cruise with them to two places Amazon and Cape Horn

As the German market is becoming almost saturated with "local" cruise lines:
TUI Cruises
Hapag Lloyd
Ambiente Cruises (new)
Plantours (new)

Although German cruise lines are opening up to English speakers:



Ron ... when we asked about booking on Aida we were told the same thing or you had to be with someone who spoke fluent German because all the announcements and everything onboard is in German!


That wouldn't be a problem with me, if I needed to have someone to speak German for a trip on their ships, I would welcome it. Learning something new while listening to another person speak a language you can't is a wonderful experience. :) :)
Aida will only accept German speakers...
I am German and have travelled with a few AIDA ships. I can't imagine, that AIDA doesn't accept international travellers (there were people from many different countries on board - many of them not able to understand German).

... all the announcements and everything onboard is in German!
Unfortunately this IS true.

And while for example many of the MSC Cruises staff are barely able to understand English I have to admit, that probably even less of the AIDA staff can speak English. (Contrary to the MSC at AIDA at least the officers did!)
But since the staff on AIDA is very service orientated I suppose that English (or other) speakers are taken care of as good as e.g. people with special health needs are.


Haven't travelled on AIDA (no neeed to), but it is my understanding that the cabins are very small. Can anyone confirm this?


There are many new German cruise lines now including FTI, and Passet, but I hope they can market their cruises to the American market ... MSC has announcements in five (5) languages, but have less languages for US cruises.

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with the new ships AIDApirma, beeing build in japan#s Mitsubish yard, AIDA has changed their modus operandi significantly. There will be a variety of service Restaurants(!) available where one needs to make reservation for one, secondly AIDA Mngmnt. ahs stated that they will open sales in other countries as they are aware that they need to reach out to fill the added capacity. The ships have lots of innovative new features and she will which is also a first, be homeported in HAMBURG and saild from there on year round basis!! on seven day cruises.
VIDEO OF AIDAprima: http://www.cruise-tube.de/archiv/video/article/aidaprima-herzschlag-einer-neuen-generation.html?tx_ttnews[backPid]=731&cHash=b958dbc4aca75884fc7c18852f7d4939
As for officers not speaking english that is nonsense, as IMO regulation and german schooling provide for english language learning and knowledge. Service crew is as is the case with all cruise lines 70% from the Philippines and they speak english as we know. perhaps not Queens english, but enough for an punter and SilverSpoon carrier to understand.
Go, give them a try " we have way of making you like it" LMAO!!
Happy Cruising
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