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Has anyone done a cruise of south america?


Hi all,
Just got done with a visit from my dad and step mom. They are thinking of doing a south america cruise doing the southern loop from Buenes Aires to Valparaiso.. Has anyone done this cruise?? Which cruiselines/ship do this cruise? And when is a good time and what's the weather like?? Thanks for the info.....


Celebrity Infinity is doing South America
Jan 14 2007 Buenos Aires- Valparaiso
Jan 28 2007 Valparaiso- Buenos Aires
Southern Hemisphere summer
In the 2006- 2007 brochure. Sorry I have just thrown 2005- winter 2006 brochure away.


Cruised that way on Royal Princess a few years back and highly recommend it; as yet it is undiscovered territory but more cruise lines are getting involved such as Silversea and Orient Lines has been doing it for years. All the cruises take place just after Christmas and you might want to consider linking it to a visit to Antarctica; some lines are offering this option and having gone that far South why not...
Don't tell the Japanese but I reckon Mount Orsono is more photogenic than Mount Fuji and I have the shots to prove it:D


Good info. but does anyone know what the weather is like?? When I cruise I'm all about warmth, sun and sand.... I have a feeling this cruise wouldn't have that.... Especially the warmth......:p ...


I have not done this cruise but I would really like to. As to weather,
I believe it would be similar to an Alaska cruise during the northern
hemisphere summer. Buenos Aires and Santiago/Valparaiso are about the
same latitude south as Los Angeles is North. Cape Horn is about the
same latitude south as Ketchikan is North. The difference in the
southern hemisphere is that the oceans are continuous in the lower
latitudes so there is not the same moderation that there is in the north.
There is also more influence on the weather from Antarctica than on the
Pacific Coast from the Arctic. That said, all of the reports that I have
seen on this cruise rate it very highly in terms of scenery. Obviously, the
best time would be in the summer months, six months opposite to ours but
this is also when prices are highest. I know that Celebrity, Princess and
HAL all do itineraries down there as well as a number of smaller ships.
Only a few actually go to Antactica and even fewer of those are permitted
to actually land passengers on the continent. There are some fly-over and
fly-in excursions available but again they are very pricey.


If sun and sand is what you are looking for then best not to go; Buenos Aires and Valparaiso certainly get warm enough but from there South is downhill all the way - literally and on a map;) Ushuaia had snow overnight in February so that tells you how cold it can get.
As for a flight over Antarctica how does $1000 per person grab you? and that was 3 years ago. They guarantee a flight but if weather conditions are against you the flight will be over the Beagle Channel not Antarctica:(
Cheers Paul