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Has anyone been blessed by the upgrade fairy??


I haven't but I have "no upgrade" in my preferences. I book immediately when itineraries are released to get the cabin that I want.:p


I books specific cabins.....however, I have had upgrades twice...one great, one not so great.

In 2010 aboard Costa Allegra, I was upgraded from an inside single to an outside triple due to the ash cloud causing pax to mis the ship. Excellent upgrade :)

Cabin descriptions here :



Then in May this year aboard Costa Classica, I was upgraded from a single inside to a double outside, and it wasn't so great for reasons highlighted in my cabin review :


There is an outside chance of an upgrade next month on Costa Pacifica since there are a few hundred cabins still available, so will wait and see on that one...currently I have an inside single on deck 7.

Pam in CA

In all my years and number of cruises, I've been upgraded only once. It was on a trans-Atlantic on the Crown Princess a couple of years ago. I'd booked a BD balcony cabin (lowest balcony category) in my preferred location, towards the aft. A couple of months before sailing, at final payment, the price of my cruise was reduced by about $1,500. Then, a week before sailing, I was upgraded to an AA mini- suite, the highest mini- suite category mid-ship. Ordinarily, I would have refused the upgrade but since we had a lot of sea days and iffy weather, it was nice to have the extra sitting room space. Hated the mid-ship location, though.

I normally book a specific cabin and have it marked, "No upgrade." When I booked the new Royal Princess last May, the cruise was totally sold out and all cabins were already waitlisted. I was something like #140 on the waitlist. A week later, I was on the phone with my TA asking where I was on the waitlist. She put me on hold to check with Princess, got back to me seconds later and said a balcony cabin was available and would I accept it. Sure! Fortunately, it was one of the cheaper cabins towards the aft.

I've cruised in an inside once and it wasn't for me. I'm not claustrophobic but hated not having natural light and being unable to tell whether it was night or day. I found myself anxious during the night, waking up every hour to check the clock to make sure I hadn't overslept. :(


Staff member
Sometime I take an upgrade. But I'm usually cautious as to why they would want to do such a thing.


We've turned them down since Rita always wants to be in the center of the ship. The only one we accepted was on our first Princess ship. It was from an outside in the center of the ship to a balcony very near the center.


The only upgrade I ever got I wasnt asked. I ws upgraded from an ocean view picture window to a balcony at check in. VERY happy!


Would love an upgrade on the next one but only if it is the centre of the ship so that would have to be to a suite. Can dream.


We almost always book the cheapest cabin available. Have been upgraded three times.
From low grade inside to outside, From inside to outside which wasn't great as the outside cabin was smaller than the inside. The third was from an inside to a balcony, that was on Indy on one of the extra cruises they had as she arrived early from the shipyard hence was not full, was actually nice to have the balcony as it was the first time that Indy visited all the ports so they put on bits of entertainment.


Staff member
Yes we have been upgraded a number of times. There was only one upgrade that there was any problem with. That was on a Carnival ship being upgraded from an inside cabin to a cabin with a window. The only problem with the cabin was that it was on one of the higher decks facing the bow. There was a general passenger deck outside our window. Eveytime someone went to be on this deck the door would shake the whole room. One thing that was funny was with this window you could look out but people could not look in. To those outside it looked like a mirror and people do some strange things when they think they are looking in a mirror. We had some good laughs watching these people.

Pam in CA

Years ago, I worked for MIT in Cambridge, MA and our department was in a small building next to a Red Line station. It was a "storefront" in that the entrance was right on Main Street. We had mirrored windows so we could see out and get light but anyone on the street couldn't see in. It was a constant source of amusement to see what people did when they thought no one could see. Anything you think people could do, they did. :)

I was once in a cabin on a HAL ship on Promenade deck. We had mirrored windows where we could see out but you couldn't see in unless it was night and all the lights were on. Even then, you could just see shadows. My friend had the cabin next door and it really bothered her. It didn't bother me and I'd book a cabin like that again so save money.