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Greetings From Tennessee

Pam in CA

New to the forum. I am here to learn about the graet experiences and top cruises to go on
Welcome! Hope we can help you. The "top" cruises depend on where you want to sail, what you like to do in port, what activities you like to do onboard, the type of dining you prefer (Traditional or open seating), size of ship and amenities, and/or price. What are your preferences?


Staff member
Welcome to the board! Along with what Pam has said, each cruise line does like to cater to a certain group of passenger, even though you will find all types onboard. In otherwords some things to consider would be, are you looking for an active type ship? Do you prefer a lot of physical activity? What time of year do you want to cruise? Please give a general list of some of your likes and it will be easier to steer you toward a cruise line that might suit you better then some other cruise lines.


I was also wondering about your user name
I thought the name PremierNetworks was under copyright just like that famous burger chain who I've heard sue anyone using their name without permission.
What about copyright infringment or are you allowed to use the name because you are not a business ?
I understand you are a single parent so my suggestion would be to choose Disney for a first cruise. Whilst I have never cruised with them I have spoken with several people who have and have been told that even adults without children can have a great time.
Whats also important might be your choice of itinerary and how you intend to spend time when going ashore.However it all comes down to cost and I believe that a Disney cruise might be a bit more than some of the other cruiselines so really you have to go with what budget suits you best.
From what I gather I guess a lot depends on what you want to do and where you want to go. Not sure I would take 10 yr old with me on a first one but thanks for the Disney suggestion. I have had quite a few friends that have been on cruises and I have never heard any of them say a bad word about any of their experiences which is a plus.