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Giants Causeway Tours,Northern Ireland

Hi folks,My name is Paul and I am a Black Taxi Tour Guide if you are coming to Belfast on a cruise this year make sure to book your'e taxi tours with us.We are offering a free wall mural tour of the city with every Giants Causeway taxi tour booked.Our company has been doing this type of tour for a number of years as long as you leave the ship early there is plenty of time to complete this tour.Hope to hear from you all soon.
Paul @westbelfastmuraltours.com

Pam in CA

Welcome, Paul.

The last time my cruise was scheduled to go to Belfast, we were kept docked in Dublin for two days due to bad weather and harbor closings. I was scheduled to go to the Giants Causeway and was disappointed. Next time I'm there, I'm definitely going to see it. :)
Hi Pam, Next time your'e in town give us a shout and we will look after you please feel free to tell everyone about my site on other formus.I think my company will be offering the best deals for taxi tours in Belfast and beyond.

Pam in CA

Thank you! :) I'm sure it's appreciated by our members. When I was in Belfast several years ago, I loved, loved, loved it!

My grandmother was Irish so I grew up with stories about the dastardly Northern Ireland so when we went from Dublin to Belfast, I was prepared to not like it. But I loved it and really want to go back. :) Some day.
Hi Pam nice to hear you you enjoyed Belfast its really not that bad of a place to visit, at the minute we are getting alot of bad press withthe trouble on the streets but it is all contained to a small part of East Belfast and Im sure it will blow over soon ant ways all the best and make sure to tell all your'e fellow cruisers to book with us at http://westbelfastmuraltours.com