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Free drinks on Celebrity Eclipse


Sorry if the title misled you, this is a question not a special offer. Still , it got you reading it.

I am booked on a cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse next year, I have already decided that to get value out of the drinks packages you need to have a bit of a drinking problem - which might be alcohol or an addiction to sweet fizzy drinks. Even with the bottled water package it is hard to find value, if my wife and I both wanted bottled water it would cost us AU$ 550 for a 14 night cruise, for that money I could fill our swimming pool several times.

So, no drinks package, then what to drink? We will probably buy the odd beer here and there, and have a glass of wine with our evening meal and buy the odd coffee but beyond that I can't work out what is provided free as it all seems to be covered by drinks packages.

Do you get tea/coffee/fruit juice with breakfast? Is water provided free at other meals? Is there free water in the cabins - in bottles or water jug? Is there a secret bar somewhere with free or reasonably priced tea? I would appreciate the low down from experienced Celebrity groupies.

Through reading this and other forums I am aware that the whole tipping thing has been done to death but just for the record, I am happy to pay the exorbitant 15% on free drinks. :cool:


Warner Athey

If you don't want alcohol you can get free coffee and tea. There is no rule against bring a carton of Coca Cola on board.
Ships have water makers so the water on board is excellent to drink. They also give you free ice creme .
You can make yourself a milk shake. You can get free lemon aid. You can get free tomato juice at breakfast.
At dinner time they charge you for tomato juice. I hope this helps. You don't have to spend a lot on drinks unless
you want to.