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If anyone catches any US cams showing fireworks (ie Hudson River etc) pls post here for me. I won't be able to get to my pc at the time, will enjoy next day

These I got New Years Eve but it was because of the time difference
Fireworks Germany.jpg
Fireworks Madeira.jpg


Of course its 4th July tomorrow.
Happy 4th July to all , whatever you may be doing.
Has it been Canada Day yesterday/today? I know they are both close together.



Canada Day was July 1st. - Saturday. Lots of celebrations - parades,
cakes, parties, some fireworks but not as exuberant in that department
as our neighbours to the south.


Cliff, your neighbor to the south has perfected "Blowing things up " to an art form.

Hospital Emergency rooms should be busy today and tomorrow. Plus fireman, some one always sets a house or two on fire from stray fireworks.

Then there are the lost dogs and cats that left outside, get scared and run away !

When our son was young we would take him to public firework demonstrations.

Then starting when he was four, we showed him a $20.00 bill. We told him we could take it and buy fireworks...in essence burn it up.

OR we could give him the $20.00 and he could go to the toy store !

That worked ....he started his vast lego collection and added to it every year. No home done fireworks, only public displays.

Why, you ask ? My brother almost took his arm off by placing a cherry bomb in a tin can...My sister caught her clothes on fire from a sparkler...


Here's my contribution to this thread - a New Years Eve - Sydney style, always spectacular fireworks! :joy:
NYE fireworks.jpg