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Films to leave ashore


There will always be films that will upset the nervous at sea.:pray: We can all spot the risks in watching "The Poseidon Aventure" (old or new) or "Titanic" while aboard but what are the others??

The first suggestion to get the ball rolling is "Above us the waves":uhoh:

Any others??:evel: :biglaugh:


middy said:
Ally you've just put me off my snorkelling in December.
Only joking.

:biglaugh: Apparently if you poke them in the eye, a shark will swim off...a bit cheesed off, but at least it should leave you alone, Middy.


Which of course leads to Robinson Crusoe (or is it Cruise -oh!)

For the visit to that nice deserted private island.


Vurus - starring Jamie Lee Curtis (An electronic alien lifeform takes over a research vessel, and plans to wipe out humanity)