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Europe cruise 2013

Jessie Chen

I'm going on my first europe cruise this summer. I'm worried that most of the people on the ship won't be able to speak english so i can't socialize (great part of cruising). can anyone tell me about their europe cruise experiences? btw this is for royal cariibean (my favorite cruise line)


Staff member
I know many people who speak english cruise Europe especially on Royal Caribbean. I am sure you will find plenty of people to talk with. I believe Pam on this board has cruised Europe a few times. I believe she is on a cruise right now, perhaps when she comes back she will be able to answer your question better then I can.

I know I have friends heading for a European cruise in a few weeks and they have done so in the past and they only speak english and they have never stated they had problems finding people to relate to and talk with. In fact I cannot picture one of them not talking up a storm on a cruise LOL.


Hi Jessie.
I've taken quite a few fly cruises to europe ( I'm from UK) Never had a problem with regards language. Have always ended up sharing with english speakers at evening meal even when on my time dining. On adventure last year they had separate quizzes for the english speakers. I've always found plenty of people to talk too. You'll have a great time.

Jessie Chen

thank you all! i feel so much more confident now but I'm rethinking where i should bring my family, the plane tickets to europe are way too high

Pam in CA

Jessie, I've been traveling to Europe since 1955... :) And never had a problem being able to speak English or communicate easily. You'll be fine.

Depending on where you're flying, check out Icelandic Air. A number of friends have been able to get reasonable fares. I also learned of an air consolidator (a company that sells unbooked seats for airlines) and I'll look for the name and post.

I have an American Airlines MasterCard and use it to charge almost everything. When I pay it off, I get air miles. That's the way I book long distance flights. :) Capitol One has a card that earns miles on most airlines. Just a thought for future travels.