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Erato Cruise Terminal, NOLA webcam

Discussion in 'Cruise Ship Web Cams' started by Liz, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. jeff

    jeff Master of the Vessel

    I still have to wonder why with 2 days of warnings to evacuate, so many stayed. I am so tired of seeing those on the news with their hands out saying they had requested aid, demanded aid and none is forthcoming. If you choose to stay there are consequences. We have created a welfare state in this country and it is appalling.

    Here in California we will not have the luxury of ANY warning when the BIG ONE hits.
  2. NJVIC

    NJVIC Deckhand

    The questions being asked -

    - are numerous and there will be a time enough for that after - but no matter the training - no one could have imagined the wide spread devastation of this storm.

    The people in New Orleans are the ones that it is the toughest to get aid to and are most on the news - just look at how much air time Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and the rest of Louisiana are getting compared to New Orleans - yesterday I watched the CNN news anchor try and goad the Governor of Mississippi into blaming the Federal Government for it being slow, not providing etc. and all he did was praise the Fed's and FEMA for how well they were doing and how fast they are moving in his state.

    I noticed he has not been interviewed or on TV since.

    A little follow up on what Jeff refers to, I found this on the web from someone who had evacuated:

    I am saddened by the state of the city of New Orleans. I was grateful to get out of the city and evacuate with relatives; however, it is somewhat difficult to sympathize with some of the people shown on television who act as though they were abandoned. The mayor issued a message advising of a MANDATORY (not VOLUNTARY) evacuation. He established means for those persons to get free rides via public transportation to get to the Superdome. He advised that the conditions would not be ideal. Public officials are elected and serve the greater good for a reason. Warnings should have been heeded especially for the elderly, infirm and those with small children. I just wish peace and blessings for all of those who are displaced and I pray our city can be rebuilt and our faith restored.
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    And there are plenty more who feel the same just as there are many that want to blame everyone for the position they are in.

  3. joespit

    joespit Deckhand

    I agree concerning the news. They look for the worst and do not publish anything else. The people have the mind set that somebody is going to do for them and if they don't they will scream loud and the news will record it. They are real fast to blame everybody but themselves. I doubt if the cruise ships could get up the river to New Orleans and after watching what is going on, I am sure the CEO,CIO,CFO and any other C is wondering that if they did take the ships in, what would be left of them. Probably take them right to the scrap yard.
  4. Norman

    Norman Deckhand

    I have had my say about the problems in New Orleans.

    A short story about my experience in New Orleans.

    We travelled there by train from Chicago, and returned a different way to Philadelphia. We must be one of a few people that travelled to Boston from Philly on our way to New Orleans. I can’t remember going in, but coming out we travelled over a colossal lake. The rail track was only just above the water built on like stilts. Not only having the Mississippi running through these lakes exist, and I believe it was the lakes that broke the defences.

    Whilst we were in New Orleans we had a travel pass, one night my wife saw a place mentioned in the tourist brochure. We got on the bus, after about 20 minutes, the driver stopped the bus, asked where we were going, then told us, that the lights we could see in the distance was a bus returning to the city. We were told he was stopping it and we were to return. We can only guess what we missed.

    As Jeff remarks people had time enough time to leave, but certain people, probable similar folks to where we didn’t go whose only intent is acts of unlawfulness.

    New Orleans was different, nice, and hopefully a new city will emerge from the ruin, admittedly will never be the same.

  5. bob brown

    bob brown Deckhand

    Vic, I was not suggesting the ships be used as a refuge, but just as a ferry to the first safe port. I have thought about what Joespit thinks about what the refugees would do to the ships, and I have to admit that is a real possibility seeing the very angry reception rescue workers received. I don't know, whether the refugees would be venting their anger, or be graciously grateful for the sudden hospitality they would be receiving. I agree with both sides of the issue regarding personal responsibility in heeding early advice to evacuate. But their are many in New Orleans that just don't have the means to follow that order due to many factors. I still think offering the ships would have been the right thing to do as human life is more important than any repaceable material asset.
  6. Jackie

    Jackie Deckhand

    On the BBC we have been informed that it is the poor who are stuck in the New Orleans convention centre without aid.
    They were advised to go there, they did not have the means of travel and now they are suffering, without aid.
    Why aren't the Red Cross allowed in?
    We were also told that President Bush did not dare visit that district! -why?
    :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  7. jeff

    jeff Master of the Vessel

    After watching several more hours of CNN last night they were saying that these people had no where to go. There was free transportation out of the city for the evacuation! My question is what difference is there between not having a place to go during the evacuation and staying in that deplorable Superdome? I know no one thought the storm would breach the levies, but... In 2002 there was a 5 part article on what would happen if the levies were breached in the New Orleans newspaper. (we must assume these people do not read the newspaper)

    This is a fascinating article about a group at an ISP in New Orleans who are blogging and have a webcam and are taking photos of the looters. http://news.com.com/Bloggers+record+Katrina+destruction/2100-1028_3-5844419.html?tag=nl

    It looks like everyone is able to enter the city now for relief purposes, but when the Red Cross originally tried they were denied (probably because of the lawlessness in the city). Even the hint of gunfire would prevent President Bush from being allowed in the city.

  8. mikebukid

    mikebukid Deckhand

    From another weather hobbyist site, a member who happens to a redcross volunteer said:

    I am appalled about the ranting of the Mayor of New Orleans (Nagin). He is the captain of the ship and yet he is the first one to abandoned ship leaving his shipmates behind to die. And where is he when he was ranting, in Baton Rouge, where it's dry and comfortable. SHAME ON YOU NAGIN!
  9. m_doiron

    m_doiron Cruise Comedian

    I'm not defending the behavior of the Mayor of New Orleans, but I think the ranting you are referring to were carried by a Baton Rouge radio station - I don't think Nagin was actually in Baton Rouge. He could be plainly seen walking with the President on his tour of New Orleans. And since transportation is so scarce, I don't think he went to BR and back (just my thoughts on this).

  10. Norman

    Norman Deckhand

    From Cruise News Daily

    Carnival Charters to FEMA - Redeploys Other Ships
    Sept 3 - Carnival Cruise Lines this morning finalized plans to charter three ships to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for six months to assist in relief efforts from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

    The ships that will be removed from service are Ecstasy, Sensation and Holiday. Elation will be redeployed as a result, and Carnival Conquest will operate from Galveston as previously announced.

  11. mikebukid

    mikebukid Deckhand

    Mark, what was the name of the airport where Marine 1 landed and had their News conference? Isn't that in Baton Rouge or NO International?
  12. m_doiron

    m_doiron Cruise Comedian


    I KNOW that Air Force One landed at Louis Armstrong (New Orleans).

    I KNOW that Marine One was used to tour the greater New Orleans area.

    I THINK maybe Marine One may have taken Bush to Baton Rouge also for a news conference, but I THINK it was all done in New Orleans. The two cities are only 80 miles apart - an hour or so drive, and only minutes by air.

    CNN plays its videos live, then repeats often. It is hard to tell what's happening where, and when, even for a Louisiana native who's familiar with these surroundings.

    Bottom line - I'm not sure of the answer to your question.

  13. 18fan

    18fan Deckhand

    Port of New Orleans

    I followed the link and found a few of the webcams running.
  14. bdacruiser

    bdacruiser Deckhand

  15. Norman

    Norman Deckhand


  16. bdacruiser

    bdacruiser Deckhand

    Soooo Happy---

    ...the Port Cam's operational! (Thanks, Norman :) ) It doesn't appear to be devastated, yet we know this image isn't "the full story" of conditions at the terminal. :pray: :pray: At least the port's open! :green:
  17. Jackie

    Jackie Deckhand

    But isn't that one of the Carnival ships loaned to house relief workers?
    Surely not open for passengers, when they are not allowing residents back until Monday( so I heard on BBC news.) And then only to access damage to their properties.
  18. Jackie

    Jackie Deckhand

    Yes it is the Ecstacy, I can just make out the name.
  19. jeff

    jeff Master of the Vessel

    Yes, Jackie it is the Ecstacy. Notice all of the military vehicles in the parking lot. Lots of activity there.

  20. bdacruiser

    bdacruiser Deckhand

    Sensation and Ecstasy Are In New Orleans...

    ---to host relief workers and people helping to rebuild the city. Ecstasy is at the Julia Street Cruise Terminal while Sensation's at a cargo pier.