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Eclipse amenities


I read a review recently of the Celebrity's Eclipse liner. According to the review, the ship features (among other things) a fully-functional glass-blowing studio and a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics show. For those of you that have taken a cruise on this liner before, what are your thoughts on these two amenities?


I've been on the Eclipse several times. I believe I'm in the minority but I don't enjoy sitting on a hard bench watching ppl blow glass. Some folks LOVE it. But the newer Celebrity Solstice class ships are doing away with it so that must say something.

I also don't LOVE Cirque. (Man I sound like I don't like anything). But they do a good job of it if you like that kind of thing. Amazing considering they're doing it on a moving ship.

I love the Eclipse and HIGHLY recommend trying Bistro on 5. The creperie (they also have salads, soups and panninis.) We usually hit it on embarkation for lunch so we can avoid the buffet and the crowds. For $5 it's eat all you'd like sit down service and it's VERY good. And a lot better then schlepping your carry on around until the cabins open (usually around 1-ish). Have a great cruise.
I will start by saying that I love, love the Solstice class ships. I really think Celebrity nailed it with this class. From the decor to the service to the staterooms to the food, it's all wonderful.

However, I have to second bighairtexan -- I don't really enjoy (or have any desire to go to) the hot glass blowing demos. I'm not really sure what the allure is, personally. It's one thing if you are going to a glass blowing factory and you take a tour, but how does that fit with my cruise ship experience? I don't know. I guess you could argue the same for any sort of enrichment programs on ships, but this one seems so specific/niche-y.

I think you should definitely keep an open mind with Cirque -- considering you are on a cruise ship, it's pretty spectacular. It's not for everyone, that kind of thing -- but it's hard to not be entertained. There is nothing like cruise ship entertainment!

Have a wonderful cruise -- can't wait to hear all about it.


Wow, Ashley, now I don't feel like such a LOSER (LOL) The vast majority of Solstice cruisers seemingly rave about the glass show and I just didn't "get it." Sure if I were in Corning, NY at the glass museum, I'd want to see some glass blown. (but not for over an HOUR). I started watching one show and I thought it was kind of boring after 15 minutes so I left. Perhaps I have GADHD (glass attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Glad I'm not the only one who would say "Seriously?" Because I know lots of cruisers would sit on those hard benches in the hot sun and watch the entire show SEVERAL TIMES during 1 cruise.


I wasn't a fan of the glass blowing when I had a cruise on the Eclipse, saw one show but they did go on a bit too long for me.What I liked about cruising on the Eclipse was there was always a place on deck I could find a deckchair and relax for an hour or two.


Jack, I'm with you. There are always available chairs someplace on the various decks. And at first I was kind of less than enthusiastic about the lawn area. But I've really grown to like sitting up there as it's usually pretty quiet.

And the concerts on the lawn that they hold a few times a cruise are WONDERFUL. Having some wine, a plate of cheese, laying on a blanket w/ a nice pillow at dusk listening to either jazz or a classical trio (used to be a quartet).... that's a really nice touch that I wouldn't have been looking for on a cruise. IMHO they hit a bull's eye with that one. If you haven't attended, I strongly suggest you try it.