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Dutch Harbor


thank you 18fan for those links its agreat programe to watch it is said that its one of the hardest jobs in the world and can see why after watching it;}


love that show-what a physically demanding and dangerous job-would be great to watch those cams when they are in full swing unloading catch.They update every few seconds..anyone know when their crab season is???8)


Where are they, where are they -is it crab time again and i am not watching TV??
My favorite : the Northwestern with Sig.
And the rest : Rollo w/ Eric, Maverick w/ Rick, Time Bandit w/Andy, Cornelia Marie w/Phil


It's good to know that I am not the only one addicted to a show about crab fishing. Its going to be a long wait until next season. I would love to someday see that part of Alaska. I checked for cruises stopping at Dutch Harbor, not many to choose from and are crossings stopping by there.



Whereever it is, it has got to be one of the busiest small craft waterways in the world:eek:

No exageration......just watched some 30 boats go by, plus the drawbridge opened for sailboats, in about10 minutes