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Do ships' still have steering wheels

Discussion in 'General Cruising Talk' started by John, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. John

    John Deckhand

    Do ships' still have steering wheels? If not what do they use now?
  2. richardm

    richardm Deckhand

    I've been on a few modern bridges and the only time a wheel was present it was a historic exhibit. Ships are usually controlled by a small lever linked to the auto-pilot on the bridge and the lever on the bridge wings are more direct for detailed control.

    I'll show some shots later (I need to find some good one's first)

  3. middy

    middy Deckhand

  4. middy

    middy Deckhand

    Saw a baby one through the glass in the viewing room on Norwegian Gem but wasn't being used.
  5. wavesandrays

    wavesandrays Deckhand

    Most ships I've seen that are on a larger scale haven't used traditional wheels for some time. Its kind of sad, but indicative of the fact that sailing and ship control is much more controlled these days.
  6. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Deckhand

    You know, thinking about the absence of wheels almost makes one feel a bit nostalgic.

    While it's great to see boating technology has progressed enough to no longer need them, it is almost like something is missing.

    Going on an old fashion cruise ship that still uses a wheel would be a nice treat I think.
  7. No the modern and mega cruise ships do not have a "wheel" The bridge looks more like a star wars set to me.
  8. Mrslinarcos

    Mrslinarcos Deckhand

    You know, I believe that. I have a friend who has a newer van than the one I had. When you looked at the front where you would have the radio and stuff, so help me; it looked like a cockpit for pilots when it lit up.