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Digital Cameras



I am planning on buying a digital camera in the future and want to hear from folks that have or are knowledgeable of digital cameras. I would appreciate any information (how many pixels, ease of downloading, features, drawbacks, price, etc.) Any and all info would be appreciated so I can make the best informed decisions on my future purchase:confused:



I have just purchased a Fuji Finepix F10. It is my 2nd camera and by far the best. It has 6.3 mega pixels, can be used with many manual options or fuly automatic. It is very compact - which I wanted so I can fasten it to mt belt for my newxt cruise. If you do a web search you can get independent reviews of it.

So far I'm happy with it!


I am still rumbling along with my Sony 3.2 mp Cyber-shot and hope that
it lasts me for quite a while longer. Your choice should take into account
what you will use your camera for the most. For travel, things to consider
weight - not just the camera but what extras you might want to carry as
well - extra memory, extra batteries(a must), charger, cables, etc.

memory - last trip I shot over 500 pictures. I have 2 128mb cards and
downloaded several times onboard to the ship's system, then burned a
CD at the end of the cruise. Cards are now available up to 1 gigabyte and,
if you go for a high-resolution camera (over 4 mp), this is a must.

optical zoom - some offer 3 times, some none and some more- digital zoom
is OK up to a point but you can lose some clarity at the top end.
I would not want less than 3x.

lens quality - you get what you pay for. Low-end cameras may have plastic
lenses while top-end will have high-quality glass. The electronics can only
capture what the camera can see.

Most digital cameras can be used as a basic point-and-shoot with good
results. If you are experienced with more advanced SLR photography,
they also offer some options, mostly depending on price but even the
lower priced models give quite a bit of flexibility.

I'm sure others here can give you more pointers. Whatever you decide,
enjoy your picture taking.


G'day Bob,
in regards to your digital camera enquiry. Yesterday I purchased a Kyocera 10xoptical zoom 4mpgs see this site it reviews many digital cameras http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/m410.html
This is my third digital camera , my first was a cheapy (well it was cheap for 5 years ago) then 3 years ago I upgraded to a 2 mgp Canon great little camera and still will be used. The Kyocera would seem to do all I want, it has very fast reloading time, as some cams take a long time between being able to take shots.
I suggest you have a look at the site above to compare many camsRegards Bob


Oh the question, digital cameras....lol.... Well I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel... It's alot more camera than most need but I love it as I can change lenses.. I shoot friends at horseshows sometimes and it's great... Now all I need is a wide angle and I'm set.......But for travel or someone who doesn't need the changing of lenses and such, I recommend the Casio Z55 model...... Here's a description of it...

The new EX-Z55 produces beautifully detailed images and is easy to use. A high performance CCD and 5-million pixels of resolution provide sharp images, while the 3-segment telescoping 3X optical zoom ... Full Product Description Included Accessories

I just got back from a cruise where my friends and I all had digital cameras.. This one was awesome.... I saw some of the photos and the things she could do with the camera were good too....If I wanted a point/shoot type, that would be it..:p


I don't know whether or not you have such magazines as "Digital Camera Buyer" over in the States but, simply put, they compare lots of different cameras in different categories (like how much do you want to spend?) and give their informed opinion to assist the buying decision. If so go out and buy a copy; best thing I did before purchasing!
The best advice they gave me was to think carefully about what you want the camera for and what you expect as results from it. For some people size/weight is most important yet to others this is not relevant. There is a lot of hype over how many pixels you must have but if all you want to print out is a standard 6 by 4 postcard size the 3/4 million is quite enough. To me the most important thing was zoom and I quickly learnt that there are 2 zooms on digital cameras and by far the most important is optical.
At the end of the day I went out and bought an Olympus C 740 Ultra zoom which gives me 10x optical in a camera that measures 3.5" front to back with the zoom fully extended; compare this with any SLR lens of similar power and the difference is stunning. I also chose to go for 256mB cards (and take a look at the size of xD cards if you want to be truly amazed) since I get something around 330 shots per card. This is important to me since the biggest drawback with the Olympus is the small size of it's LCD screen - get the biggest you can if you intend doing any editing on camera.
Enough already - I've bored myself let alone any readers of this:eek:
Cheers. Paul


I have a Sony T-1 (I believe the new model is a T-7) It’s a very good credit card size camera. The only problem seems to be a weak flash. I believe the same problem also exists in the new model. Very small cameras seem to have this problem. Also, make sure the camera has a tripod mount and a decent battery. Sony uses a lithium battery that has a remaining time indicator. Try to buy from a vendor that will take returns, without a restocking fee, if the camera does not perform to your expectations. I purchased mine from www.crutchfield.com

I hope this helps


I have a Kodak DX 6340 and am very hapy with it even though they have been upgraded.It takes excellent photos and mpegs.


Just bought Panasonic FZ5 Digital Camera, after reading several detailed reviews on the websites. Vast majority came out in favour of this camera. Do a Google search for details. I am very happy with the result. In UK it costs about £250. I paid £225 as I bought 3 cameras (the other two for friends) and also got Panasonic SD memory card 128 MB for free as a further discount. A bargain I am told. Also bought 1GB Kingston Elite Pro memory card for £44.10. Hoping to use the camera extensively during my world cruise in Jan.06. Happy hunting - Kanti



I own two digital cameras and of course a film camera. For shots around the ship, I recently (few months back) purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-S40, which is a 4.1 mp camera. Lightweight, not too big OR too small, takes great shots. I also have a Cannon Digital Rebel 6.3 mp with a few different lenses. Have gotten some excellent travel shots with that camera.



Casio EX-Z57

I have a Casio EX-Z57, same as the EX-Z55 but has no view finder. Both these cameras are great. The EX-Z57 has a 2.5 in LCD screen and the EX-Z55 has a 2 in LCD screen. What sold me on this camera is the battery life. I can take 400 pictures before needing to charge the battery. My daughters have a Sony and Cannon and they have to constanly change batteries. I would check out Steves Digcams.(website listed above in other post). Anyway my camera takes great pictures and is user friendly. I'm always asked what kind of camera I have when people see my pictures. The camera comes with a cradle dock for charging the battery and transferring your pictures onto your computer. Good luck in your searching but I would check this camera out.
PS Just the right size, fits into the palm of your hand.


I work at Target as a second job, after being an EMT. When people ask for my opinion I always recommend Fuji FinePix. I own one, they are great cameras at excellent prices!


I have a Canon Ixius 400 which has been superb until our recent cruise, when I kept getting messages to say corrupted data, or the camera turned off as soon as it was turned on. This meant that I lost some sunsets on our recent cruise, but after formatting the memory card, everything seemed OK.
However on return our home the problems started again.
After discussing these problems with a guy in local photography shop, it seems that a battery was to blame. I had bought a spare in Tenerife 2 years ago, but recently it was not holding its charge and so was effecting the memory card. :confused:
The upshot is that I have bought a new memory card ( the person advising me thought that formatting was not wiping it completly clean, so corrupt data was remaining- in fact this happened on all memory cards that I used a 32, a 64 & 125mb)
So far, the camera is behaving OK( fingers crossed) but the guy did say that as digital photography is still in its infancy, it is not known the life of a memory card( or lithium battery for that matter)


Try a Kingston Elite Pro memory card.They are very quick and saves your battery.

Must go now,were off to watch The Temptations and 4tops:green: