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Did you sail on a line that is now defunct?


Which line did you sail with & when?

What were the ships called?

Are the ships still around, even though the line isn't?

What are your best & worst memories?

Do you have any funny stories to share?


Cruised from Montreal to Bay of St. Lawrence on Polish Ocean Lines' Stefan Batory.
Old tub (former 1952(?))Maasdam from HAL) But gracious hospitality unmatched by
20 cruises since. (Subtext was "This is how we'd run our country if the Soviets would let us...") Also best Polish joke ever--Staff Captain (deadpan, on bridge tour):"We have two radars--a Decca radar for bad weather and a Polish radar for good weather".


Cruised on the Chandris- America lines Amerikanis twice; one on Washington Deck, and once on Jerusalem deck to St. George, Bermuda and somewhere else. I do have fond memories of that ship and a very helpful crew. The ship is no more, being scraped.
Another line was the Commodore Cruise line which also sailed to St. George Bermuda from Alexandria, Va. The ship and cruise line are no more. That was a fairly small ship that could navagate the Potomac, but could also go out to sea. The prices were reasonable and all the crew and passengers were great.
Still another was the Emerald Seas that had wonderful cruises from Miami to Nassau. That ship was built in the U.S. but Eastern Cruise lines is no more.
The Fantasy cruise line had the Britanis that sailed from New York to Bermuda on short trips, Britanis being buit in the U.S., but Fantasy Cruise line and the Britanis are no more.
Lots of great memories.
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Sailed on Strathmore and Strathnaver from UK to Gibraltar !st class care of Navy as we were on our way to stay with Navy Commander


It seems that the smaller lines that are defunct,were so friendly and people cared more about you. Prices were less and you felt like you were part of the cruise line. Too bad because there were many nice ships that are no longer around.