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Destinations that stay with you...what are yours?


Have you visited specific places when cruising...or on landbased holidays...that have really tugged at you in some way?

Did the place give you fond, emotional or unpleasant memories...what struck you about the place(s) that made them stay with you?

Are there places that you want to return to on a landbased holiday and explore them further?

What about those places that you really wouldn't go back to....is there anything that might change your mind?


I guess the three places that I visited on landbased holidays...and which can be reached if on a river cruise with some organisation & time...that really hit me hard in an emotional way would be three concentration camps, Auschwitz, Mauthausen & Dacau.

They are firmly fixed into history, many films and documentaries have been made about all of the camps that can be found across Europe...but nothing prepares you for what you feel when you set eyes on those iconic gates and buildings. The raft of emotions that you go through is indescribable and it truly is an unforgettable and humbling experience walking around the exhibits showing photographs from the liberation, the collections of empty suitcases, the hair, the teeth, the walking sticks and the childrens toys left behind by those who had been inturned within the fences, many of whom never made it out.

Some say that it is a morbid curiosity to go to these camps, I disagree...it is a great leveller, it forces you to realise just how lucky we are and how we all owe so much to those who went through these camps by way of making sure that it never happens again.

I have been fortunate in that travel was always relatively easy, and I have taken groups of people from all walks of life, of all ages to many, many places...but taking groups by coach to the camps have been oddly rewarding, especially groups of schoolchildren and teenagers on school trips...children and teens who had a history of being bolshy suddenly being stunned to silence...and seeing grown adults reduced to tears as they walked through gas chambers and crematoria...

Anyone who does either a landbased holiday or a river cruise and their itinerary comes within a couple hours of one of the many camps, I strongly recommend a visit...it is hard emotionally, there is no denying that, you will probably cry...but the camps and what went on within them will always stay with you and even the hardest of people and those with what many call "entitlement syndrome" literally change their reasoning and their point of view within seconds of seeing that sign..."Arbeit Macht Frei".


All of our Alaska stops are destinations that have stayed with us, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Seward and Anchorage. The beauty of Alaska is breathtaking! We would love to go back someday.
I'm also in to history and would love to take a cruise overseas and visit Normandy, France where my late father parachuted in as an original member of the famed Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne. He was a survivor who lost many buddies from his company. It would be an honor to visit the graves of these great warriors from our greatest generation.

Pam in CA

The trip I consider my most outstanding was my African safari last year. We went to Kruger National Park first for five days, then Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, staying in tented camps. We took game drives almost every morning and afternoon. It was incredible to be just a few feet away from lions, elephants, etc.

My two most memorable cruises were on Holland America. We took the Prinsendam on a North Cape cruise and actually sailed into the polar ice cap... Right into the ice. The other cruise was on the Amsterdam sailing in Antarctica.


Goodness how to pick. I have quite a few that will stay with me.
Masada and the dead sea tour. The history and the views .
Timanfaya on Lanzarote like being on the moon.
Petra in Jordan.
Rain forest on Dominica.
Peace and tranquility in parts of Norway.


Staff member
There are many places I would love to go back to and do further research and site seeing. I have been to Alaska 12 times and still find something new everytime that facinate me. One thing I do love to go see in Alaska is seeing some of the bunkers and gun implacements that were put in during WWII. I am kind of a fanatic on WWII.

I have been through the Panama Canal several times and even though the heat and humidity are hard on me I would like to go through there again.

The one place I really want to head to is Antarctica. This place has an extreme fascination with me.

The places that have disappointed me the most are some of the places I have been to in Mexico.