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Derby Manchester City vs Chelsea


The green man shows his superiority over the rest of the Premier League, 10 points more than the runner-up team Chelsea, when in the hands of Pep Guardiola is a comprehensive team.
Health and Fitness of the blue half of Manchester
In the top 10 strikers who are leading the competition for the title of England's top scorer after round 21, there is no presence of the half-blue Manchester player.
The most affordable achievement that Man City players have achieved is 7 goals, including Bernardo Silva and Raheem Sterling.
There are no private players who take up good points in the top scorer race, but Man City is overwhelming compared to the rest of the Premier League football.
Manchester City monopolizes the top position of the table with 53 points, 10 points more than the second team of the Blues.
It can be said that it is very difficult to prevent teachers and students from Pep Guardiola keeping the title of the English throne even though there are still 17 matches ahead.
Man City won with a rate of 80.95% of the matches played, 5 more wins than Chelsea and Liverpool. They are also the team with the most successful height streak, up to 11 matches.
After 21 rounds, Cityzens is the team that has scored the most goals (53) and conceded the least (13).
In the hands of Pep Guardiola are 15 players who have scored in the Premier League, with 5 defenders who have at least 1 goal. Notably, 7 of them scored 3 or more goals, showing that the Manchester club always has measures to break the opponent's defense 90ptv
Chelsea's goal end?
This weekend, after many pillars have extended their rest, Man City confidently looks forward to welcoming The Blues at Etihad home.
The Blues have just beaten a difficult period with 3 consecutive successes. In which, owning 2 wins against Tottenham in the League Cup arena to win tickets to the final.
The spirit from the League Cup and FA Cup gives the Blues more freedom to return to England, where the team still harbors a fragile desire for the championship.
The victory will help teachers and teachers Thomas Tuchel shorten the distance from the green half of Manchester to 7 points, which means an improved goal.
However, the task of knocking down Etihad was far from convenient. Speaking from the shock of the Crystal Palace defeat at the end of October 2021, the Blue Man has not dropped a point in the leading football field of the Premier League.
On average, every 35.7 minutes, Guardiola's students scored a goal, including 4 winning free-kicks.
The green man still maintains the habit of controlling the ball, owning 680.2 passes per game (90% accuracy). Cityzens carry an average ball retention rate of up to 67%.
In the first leg at Stamford Bridge, Pep Guardiola had his first success against Thomas Tuchel after 3 consecutive defeats when the team played mind.
Pep Guardiola is choosing exclusively for his 6th victory over Tuchel in all his career (losing 3), thereby ending Chelsea's competitive opportunity.
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