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Dani reaches 2,000 posts!


Forgive me if this has been mentioned elsewhere? Had my eye on Dani's number of posts yesterday and viola! Overnight (Oz time) it happened.

CONGRATULATIONS DANI on another milestone! :joy: :joy:


OMG, missed it too.

Congratulations, Dani:joy: :joy:

Errrr, Robyna, you seem to be one away from a milestone, yourself:joy: :green:


Thanks Robyn...only place I can go that talking too much is a virtue !

I have been posting so much, I did not notice...only that my title has changed.

You have just a few more and then into the club with your own Magpie award.

A conference call with all of the posters over 1000....would anyone get to talk ?

It might just sound like the Tower of Babel. :eek:

Now for those of you that have not posted but read....

Come on in people, we would love to hear what you have to say.

Just put your fingers on the keyboard and type ! oh yeah, then be sure to hit SUBMIT ! :mrgreen:



Like the dog that catches the car, what would I do with Liz if I caught her ?

I know....Go out to Lunch !!!!


Dani Congratulations.:joy: :green:
You have made up for the 'readers only'
I believe we passed the 1,000 post at the same time, just as I began the 'marking ' I was contracted to do.


wolfgang said:
Yes, she passed the 1000 on May 16 th !!

Should we congratulate ?

If this goes on like that, she will blow up the forums,

to the end of the year ! :rolleyes:

You just gave me my new goal ! :green:

1000 posts every two months...I know Liz can also do it !

We will not even discuss quality verus quanity :p


Goodness, two congratulations from me to Dani. What can I say; I too need to increase my posts:dancer: