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Cruise survey will take 20 seconds, please help with uni work

Pam in CA

I took the survey but some of the questions won't provide you with statistical accuracy. :( For instance, I'm interested in cruising more than one region. Also, I cruise with family, friends, my daughter, etc. These questions should be multiple answer. In addition, weekend cruises are available only from a couple of ports in the US and only one or two cruise lines, and flying to the port could cost more than the cruise. You won't get many Americans responding with a "Yes."

I've cruised a lot and never heard the term "full board." What does that mean? I board a ship via the gangway so I don't know how else the term "board" could be applied.


Staff member
I filled out your survey, however I really did not feel like it really was a very effective survey. It really did not seem to cover the basic information of who may want to cruise or why they may want to cruise.