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Cruise Stalk Dotty & Braveheart. Neo Romantica


Braveheart, Doptty and neoR are enjoying a well earned sea day today, heading in a southwesterly direction across the North Sea towards the English Channel and Le Havre tomorrow. The weather is warming up, today 15°C is expected, with overcast sky and a Force 4 wind.


Dotty and Braveheart are in Le Havre today, so please read this stalk with a Franglais acsont (accent for the non French speakers). So what can be said about Le Havre ................................................................... ..................................................................................???

Glad we got that out of the way, it is overcast and 15°C with a Force 4 around the cullote.

Do you know why wet Parisians are mad - because they are in Seine. :whip:


Dotty only has tonight left now.....hope that she has had a good time aboard NeoR...then it'll be time to boot Brave off in Amsterdam...time flies when having fun, eh? :joy:


A sad day for Dotty, as she will be disembarking (or has already done so) today in Dover. Have not heard anything on the radio or on the net about a scream passenger being removed by the polce. Dotty should be home in a couple of hours as she live in Kent.

Braveheart has another day and night onboard before the All Inclusive is shut down.

Wonder what would happen if say Braveheart was to apply for poltical aslyum in Holland, application refused and she has to stay on neoR going back and forth, just like the guy that got stuck in the intransit area for some months.

Have I missed a day, webcams and ship tracking show neoR approaching Holland?


Has neoR missed Dover?

NeoRomantica was supposed to be in Dover today but from the webcams and tracking neoR appears to be in Amsterdam.

Whats up? Maybe I was looing at the wrong cruise or have the CT Girls run riot and the ship was refused entry into Dover.


Mystery solved.

Because of storms and high winds the neoR could dock in Dover so she went on to Amsterdam. Passwengers who were due to disembark in Dover will be flown bck to UK and those who were scheduled to embark in Dover will be flown to Amsterdam, Costa is covering the cost of all flights, and no further itinerary changes are expected.


Hope Dotty got home safe and sound yesterday, must have been a long day (a few extra hours with the All Inclusive :bigeek:). Today Braveheart must just be that as she is departing for home.

Also in town today are, Brilliance ots, Casanova, Alemannia.

Have a good trip home Braveheart.


The Garden of England (Kent) has Dotty once again.

Welcome home Dotty and hoping you do not get too many PCD attacks.


Hi all,
Hmmmm if only you knew!!!!!
I think I probably reached home before Dotty.
The last couple of days have been an absolute nightmare. Not so bad for myself and my husband, but for Dotty and her family, and for my family who were all due off at Dover..can assure you it was the most appalling customer service job I have ever seen.
Long story, will emerge with details - but just an appalling end and all of us, will be making official complaints.
That aside for me. I am seeking compensation for one days cruising. I have never been so frightened on a cruise ship in my life!
We had a blackout of an hour and a half where we were dead at sea.
That ship is antiquated and NOT fit for bad weather cruising.
ALL of my family, we gathered our belongings together from our safes, and prepared our clothing "just in case".
Information was appallling..ie, one "announcement saying there was an electrical fault" (which was announced in five languages before finally in English)
As our husbands picked up the stuff from the safes, we immediately went on to waters and coffees. Whilst they were up there, all the emergency doorways were blocked off. My son in law was carrying little torches, so cabin by cabin, they collected our passports and valuables.
YES we were THAT scared!
Being a cork in dead water is NOT my idea of fun cruising!
Dotty fortunately was oblivious to all as the emergency generator provided enough to power some lights and casino etc.
BUT the ship was just DEAD
No air con, no engines.
It came back on, but we never slept one wink
That aside, this was all amidst the chaos of our family being re shuffled for missing out Dover.
We have yet to get to the truth of Dover.
No doubt Dotty will be on to tell you her horrendous nightmare.
I have yet to speak to my brother - I know we were home last night and they still hadnt made it back to Scotland.
NeoR IS a lovely ship and wonderful staff... the food was exceptional.
At STAFF level all good...at management level - beyond appalling
And it is the rockiest, most unstable ship I have ever had the misfortune to cruise on. It shudders night and day.
Our suite was lovely, but its just as well we dont have false teeth....everything and I mean everything rattles!
After the "being dead at sea" - we gathered in our suite and discussed emergency situation, where we would meet etc. YES we were THAT frightened and felt very very insecure.
The english rep was useless
The hotel director was insulting, offensive and downright rude.
Terrible ending to a great fun family time...
The way I feel right now, it will be a long long time before I book a cruise ever again and never ever again on a small ship.
I have many postive things to say, when I calm down - right now..still angry at how they handle things. They are chaotic. Useless disorganised chaos. I can only imagine now how the Concordia tragedy could so easily happen. There is ZERO organisation. Its just chaos! Tooo many ,languages, and not enough communication with passengers,.
They clearly have learned nothing from this past years experiences.
Shambolic is not nearly a word descriptive enough.
Ok..rant over -
will get around to the postitives at some point and yes, the all inclusive WAS fantastic!!!
Meanwhile, we all WILL be making formal complaints.


Hey, Brave...sorry things didn't go to plan...in relation to Dover, the south of England has had some horendous storms that closed ports, Dover is too open to the elements to be safe in stormy weather (unlike Soton, which is slightly inland and thus a bit more sheltered)...even the ferries on the Solent have been cancelled over the last few days...as someone who was born & brought up on the Isle of Wight, I have friends down there who have told me the weather has been the worst they have experienced in many years...I also have a contact in Dover too and they said the same thing, the south of England was a total no-go area, and the storms are set to continue for a few days yet.

No excuses, just an attempt to explain what went on :eek:


Braveheart, sounds like: Kettle on, brews all round.....clothes on the laundry floor ready to go............and woe betide any intruders. I must admit it was a bit disconcerting reading what was happening with you guys due to the horrendous weather the UK has been having over the past few days. GMT etc have done a wonderful job on your stalk.......and I do hope that your cruise did meet up to some of your expectations. I can't imagine what you were feeling and going through......but glad you have all got your feet back on tera firma.

Look forward to your review...........warts and all.:shocked:


Braveheart, so sorry to hear about your experiences, hopefully the good parts will eventually overcome the bad parts.

If the neoR rocks & rolls in the North Sea what is it going to be like on her 2014 world cruise round Cape Horn and the Souther Ocean?


If its any consolation, I just heard from a friend of mine who was aboard Queen Mary 2 this weekend on a mini cruise...there were several injuries from passengers and crew who fell during the rough seas, she herself hurt her back trying to stay upright...and for the first time ever, she was seasick in her cabin. They left Zeebrugge in force 10 gales and the ship did not handle it at all.....I have also heard that MSC Opera was delayed til 4pm in getting to Soton over the weekend due to the bad weather.

So although neoR had some issues with the weather, she certainly wasn't alone in that...and with QM2 being one of the largest in the world and suffering too, I seriously doubt that your experience would have been any easier on a larger vessel given that the weather was extraordinarily worse than anticipated, Brave.


It was not the fact that we skipped the port Ally, there was MUCH more to our anger and fury.
It was HOW it was handled. The rep was useless, Costa were useless, organisation of flights, hotels etc were beyond words.
Our family spent two whole days being severely mucked about.
I cant even begin to tell you how shoddy the whole thing was.
We are not complaining about not having to go to Dover, that freakin ship hardly handled calm water, so God only knows how it would be in the Channel even on a good day. After the breakdown, believe me, I was more than happy the ship was always in sight of land, and the last 24 hours spent docked in Amsterdam.
No, it was the way in which they handled the various transports, flights etc.
Although I see now NONE of these cruises are available from Dover. They have pulled Dover from the cruise for the remainder.
I know you are a great Costa fan.. and I can understand why, there are a lot of pluses.. but no - still fuming at them.
I will give you ONE example..
Conversation between my sister in law and the Hotel Director (who was abusive, offensive and unbelievably rude)
My sister in law asked about their luggage as they had heavy cases and were way over the limits for flights. She said "How do we lift cases etc, I am a recovering cancer patient and did not allow for having to get from Amsterdam, to LHR to Dover with four cases - I cannot lift them, will you tranport our lugggae"
hotel Director "tough, get a porter"!
She argued constantly with our family when they told her the English rep had failed to turn up at a meeting (which she promised) the previous evening, she emphatically said that they had called cabins, (no they hadnt), that she had turned up (no she didnt).. and every time one of them tried to speak she held up a hand (as in tell it to my ass sign),
Ignorant, rude, could not care less -
Left hanging around for two days WAITING WAITING WAITING
Even down to getting off the ship..
My brother and sister in law were told to be ready to leave the ship and be out of their cabins for 10am. They got off the ship at around 2pm., they were then put on, and put OFF THREE flights...they got to Dover at 1am the following morning, the port was closed, they could not get their car - got into a hotel - and then had to drive 600 miles...
They spent a whole damn day at the airport being messed around with flights.
My brother asked Costa to put them on the KLM direct flight to Glasgow, (he was willing to train it down next day to collect his car).. KLM Glasgow flight would have at least seen my not very well sister in law home safe quickly..
Our daughter lost money for hotels, concert tickets they had for London
It was a total mess...
We had an absolutely fantastic cruise..the ship however IS ABSOLUTELY unstable and personally I think they wanted back to amsterdam to get the repairs done. I see other reviews of people who stayed in upper deck cabins saying the same thing as me..shake shake shake, everything in the damned cabin that is not tied down moves!
The ship is lovely, the crew, one of the best I have expereienced and the food was without exception wonderful. Their catering for me as gluten free is the best I have had both at sea and on land.
I have a couple of niggles, but on the whole, it exceeded our expectations as far as food and drink is concerned and overall cruise experience.
Its just the fact that one, the ship is not "right" and two, the appalling way in which they handled the disembarkation and transfer of Dover passengers,
RIGHT UP TO getting off the ship. they took them off the wrong deck, marched them all the way along the dock..and then discovered they could nt get to the terminal..it was so bad it was like almost laughable.
They were treated disgustingly.
Havent heard from Dot yet, but am sure she had a dreadful time. Her poor friend was in a wheelchair... god only knows... she has mentioned to me privately it was a horrific nightmare.
I will NEVER sail a small ship again. that being "dead cork" scenario made me absolutely terrified.. I had my daughter with me,, it was horrible, and I never ever want to go through that again...never ever experienced being on a ship with no engines and never want to again.
So I am sorry my words dont make you happy..but - as I say, the cruise WAS wonderful, food amazing, waiters and staff - as good if not better than Celebrity..the officers - ignorant and downright abusive!
The all inclusive package was almost unbelievable - what a bargain that is!!!
Up until the blackout, I would happily have booked a costa cruise again..
we shall see..
If I did, I would book a modern big ship, I would look at its service history and be looking to see that it had not been experiencing mechanical failures
Our suite was beautiful, really nice - its just such a shame that everything wobbles - including the contents of my belly every time I got into bed
I had to stuff a towel in the tv unit - it banged and banged all night long!
Sorry - as you can see here I have a lot of mixed feelings. YES great time. Moments I will never forget - so precious..but WHY OH WHY did they have to go and spoil it by not providing good customer relations and service. It wasnt that we couldnt get to Dover that was the problem - it was the lack of communication and the fact that for a whole 24 hours the english rep just hid away nowhere to be seen. top that with an abusive hotel director, disorganised chaotic shambles at the airport = recipe for fury!
I will one day do a review of the first seven GREAT days..
meanwhile.. off to take another chill pill :)

Boy Blue

Passes Brave a chill pill :dancing_banana:

So Sorry Brave that your first Costa Cruise didnt live up to all your expectations

I really wish that Costa's customer services would get there act together !


Brave...contact L. Hutchinson at customer services, they handled my difficulties on Classica over the slightly botched disembarkation in Venice last month...very efficiently handled.

Their email : [email protected]


Hi Braveheart, just noticed that your cruise ended in a complete nightmare. No wonder you are raging. What a terrible end. Whilst the weather couldn't be helped leading to the skipped port and it may not be logistically that easy to get flights sorted at short notice, there is no excuse for the rep hiding away and rudeness from officers. If hey couldn't have got you flights right away and they needed cabins for passengers joining the cruise, they should have put you up in hotels and communicated what was happening regularly to sortstuff out. Did they even give you an offer of compensation at the time?

We had some engine problems on my last cruise that meant we had to skip a port and run a day late on the other ports. We got a letter of explanation with a revised itinerary followed up by a 20% discount off a future cruise (already used with no issues). for those that were due to disembark at the skipped port, they got the choice of a transfer from Dover to Heathrow or a ferry from Dover to Herbourg or transfer to London and EuroStar to Paris. Admittedly our delays happened early in the cruise, so they had more time to plan the contingency

Ships often have itineraries wrecked by bad weather, so Costa should have had a contingency they could invoke. Thisnwas not like dealing with the Concordia.

Also thanks for letting us know about the instability of the ship. She looked so lovely since her refit and I had been intending trying to book a cruise on her next year. If the cost of the Singapore and Australian legs had not been so extornionate (over £4k for just moi, I probably would've booked. Glad I didn't now. She wasn't too bad pre refit when I was on her in the Indian Ocean, so I guess the modifications, pretty as they are, have affected her stability.

I sincerely hope you get the apology and recompense you deserve swiftly

lancashire lass

Sorry to read about your horrible experience Braveheart. I think when things go wrong communication from the owners can go a long way to easing the bumps and fury.
I do hope in the end you will only remember the great parts but do make a complaint it sounds as if they could have handled things better for sure.:(