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Cruise preperation and journals

Discussion in 'General Cruising Talk' started by PEB, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. PEB

    PEB Captain Staff Member

    I don't know how you prepare for a cruise, however what we do is create a lot of lists. Those lists are stored and we go over them constantly before we take any cruise. We have lists of clothing, lists of hotels we have stayed at and what we thought of them and lists of what we would require tips for. We do research on every location with books and on web sites even if we have been to a location many times.

    One thing I also do is keep journals of every trip from the planning stage to the end of the trip. This helps with the memory of what took place and who we may have met in our travels. This also helps us decide what we may want to do or see again or that we can look for something different to do so that the trip does not get repetative.

    How about you. How do you prepare and do you keep journals?
  2. Rex

    Rex Captain Staff Member

    Such a great idea to do. Although I never have.

    It seems every time I go somewhere I forget something but I'm generally pretty easy going. I rarely ever visit the same place or same hotel twice though. It just has to blow me away to do twice.
  3. Pam in CA

    Pam in CA Captain

    I do one of two things: I either write a journal or, if my daughter isn't traveling with me, I write daily, detailed emails to her and CC: myself. That way, I have the details. For my recent cruise, I used iAWriter on my iPad. I believe I can save my notes to DropBox which I strongly recommend for syncing documents between your computer, tablet and/or smartphone. You can save your travel docs to DropBox, sync and then you have access to them when traveling.
  4. darrylricher123

    darrylricher123 Deckhand

    If there are snorkeling options, then would the ship cruises provide bathing suits? Or we have to bring it?
  5. PEB

    PEB Captain Staff Member

    Darrylricher123 the cruise ships do NOT provide swimsuits for snorkeling tours, however they may have some for sail in the gift shops. It really would be better for you to bring your own suit from home. If you do not have one it would be cheaper to buy a suit at home over buying one off a cruise ship.
  6. Michael Eadon

    Michael Eadon Deckhand

    To Pam in CA
    How do you use your I-Pad on board and is it expensive
  7. PEB

    PEB Captain Staff Member

    Michael Eadon I do not have an I-Pad but I did work on cruise ships and know of people that have used them. If you use your I-Pad or any device that requres wifi from the ship it is expensive. There are areas on the ship that have obviously better connection then others but connecting through the ship will cost you. The cruise lines do have price packages for using so many minutes which is a little cheaper but still a bit pricey.
  8. Pam in CA

    Pam in CA Captain

    Michael, I just returned from a long cruise and used my iPad Mini daily (except when in Japanese waters as Japan blocks communications -- weird.) I logged into the ship's WiFi using an Internet package, checked mail, and logged out. It took only a minute or two. I read and responded to my email, re-logged in and sent the email, logging back out when the mail had been sent. At most, I used four minutes of the Internet package. I had 250 minutes to last me 17 days and had 120 minutes with a couple of days to go.

    One thing to be aware of is that connection speeds are VERY slow compared to what you're used to. It's via satellite and there's a limited amount of bandwidth being shared by all passengers and crew. If someone is sending photos or using Skype, they take up a lot of bandwidth which means that anyone else trying to access the Internet/email either won't be able to or might lose connection. I usually check email either early in the morning (before 8am) or during dinnertime (6-7pm.) The crew tend to use the Internet in the evening after dinner so before Midnight, it's usually busy.
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    BOOPSAHOY Deckhand

    I have a list thats already a few years old. When I get back from a cruise if theres anything I needed but didnt take I put it on the list. I ahvent added anything the past 2 cruises so I guess its the "perfect" list for us LOL
  10. cruisecouple

    cruisecouple Deckhand

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  11. ian3008

    ian3008 Deckhand

    I have over the years continually refined my travel list, until the last 2 holidays, when I did not need to touch it. So finally the list is complete.
    The first 2 things on the list are camera and journal. I keep a daily diary on my travels, and then when I get home, I copy it onto my computer, adding the photos when required, then print it out and put in a folder.
    I now have quite a varied collection. Cruises, skiing holidays, safaris, a trek to Mt. Everest base camp and a 3 week touring holiday to Vietnam. Next up a 16 night cruise from Italy to Brazil in November.
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  12. LorifromGA

    LorifromGA Deckhand

    I am taking my first ever cruise and my first trip without children. I do believe I am becoming addicted to cruising/travel and I haven't even left yet!! I love all the ideas you have posted. Thank you for sharing! I have a list I have started for my husband and I. He warned me that once I go on this cruise I will be hooked and I think he may be right!
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  13. kaciemm

    kaciemm Deckhand

    Yeah, a place to store all your cruising memories in 1 place sounds amazing :)
    Check out these pages: Cruise Planner & Journal
    Print out as many pages as you need for as many cruises as you take ;)