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Cruise line blog RSS feeds


Rex....another one of my projects that never got to the stage of getting sorted was the introduction of RSS feeds to cruise line blogs.

They have proved very popular in recent years and often give insight to changes going on within the lines, and they can be quite witty too with the latest adventures on board the fleet.

To have the blog feeds appear within the specific cruise line section automatically would be a potentially great addition here...everyone loves "insider" information and it would also cure the temptation of copyright infringements too, there would be no need to use text or images in threads since the actual blog would appear direct from the cruise line, thus giving everyone a chance to read up on what exciting things are going on...such as fleet refurbs, itinerary changes etc.

Finding the blogs would be a lttle time consuming initially but in the long term, I am certain that the groundwork involved would be well worth the effort :)



Staff member
I believe we did this once before. I'll look into seeing what is available on XF. Essentially you would have a news subforum with "news"


Where do we find the 'new posts' on every visit to the site? Haven't been able to find that in the new format. Thanks!

(will I be able to find the reply when I next log in! o_O )