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Cruise and land packages


Staff member
Many people who cruise Alaska will do a land and sea package. These will provide you a chance to see more things inland as well as by ship. I do have one suggestion if you plan on doing this and that would be to do the land package first then the cruise. My reason for saying this is the fact that on the land package you will pack and unpack several times on the land package. You will also move from one place to another every day or two on the land package. Tours on the land package can generally take a lot of time just because there is a great distance between some of the hotels or lodges that are used by the cruise lines and the tours themselves. Many people who do the land package love it but they also say it can wear them out. If you do the land package first you will be able to relax on the cruise ship before going home.

It is up to you because you know how much energy you have but many I have talked to prefer to do the land package first for the reasons I have stated.