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Costa Pacifica - pre Christmas mess about in the Med


Off in a few weeks aboard Costa Pacifica on a short 6 night jaunt around the Med. First try of a megaship, so could be fun and games just finding my way around it ;)

Itinerary :

Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, day at sea, Palermo, Civitavecchia and back to Savona.

As always I will be staying at Bewleys Manchester Airport pre/post cruise due to flights leaving and arriving at silly o'clock :)

I have gone for the all inclusive drinks package again, excellent value and means I don't have to take so many Euro's with me. I'se all packed, train tickets, taxi etc all sorted...printed the e-docs out last week, so all ready to go :):):)

If anyone has been on Pacifica already, would welcome any tips...especially quiet places on board, please :)


Just a fortnight to go til departure :)

Still several cabins available on the ship for my sailing...including two outside single cabins (so might be lucky and bag one as an upgrade, maybe) :)

Will be getting a few more Euro's next week and then that will be it insofar as preparations go :):):)


Hello Ally, were you on the cruise where the ship was driven against a dolphin while performing its berthing in the port of Marseille, December 11, 2012?
We are on her in April 2013 and would like to know how you got on?


Hi Wansborough,
I'm not sure if Ally will be around in the next few weeks.
I have read about Allys cruise on the Costa Pacifica and it was a marker buoy that hit the ship ( caused by high winds ) not a dolphin.
I believe Costa Pacifica received two large slashes in the hull above the waterline and also the bow thrusters had some damage.There were some emergency repairs done in the port of Marseille.
The repairs made are not permanent and I understand she will be going into dry dock for repairs sometime between Jan,Feb but it seems likely it will be as soon as possible.