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Costa Concordia aground!


Latest news from Giglio is that the rock which was embedded in the hull of the Costa Concordia has been removed.

There is talk that the local Mayor may use part of it to create a memorial for those that lost their lives in this terrible accident.

Two people have still not been accounted for.

Local webcam picture shows the large crane barge alongside the ship that is being used for fixing plates over the hole in the ships hull prior to the ship being refloated which is now not expected to be until the end of spring 2013.

Todays local webcam picture below.
19.08 GIGLIO.jpg


The Italian authorities along with Titan-Microperi have come together and created a fascinating website that covers the entire process being used to raise and remove Concordia. I suspect this has been created to satisfy the number of people who have been pretty much hooked on watching how things are going via the webcams and in the local media. The details of how they intend raising her with easy to understand graphics can be found here :


The website is updated daily with news and progress reports from Giglio. The images used on the website are copyrighted, so should not be reproduced.

Pam in CA

I did see that and found it fascinating. I also saw a TV special (I think it was on the Discovery Channel) that interviewed people from the US Maritime Academy. They were asked to review the AIS course and other data, and give their opinions. To a man, they were incredulous that the ship was sailed at that speed that close to shore.

Did you see in the news about the German tourists who chartered a boat for a closer look at the wreck over the weekend and had to be rescued? You can't fix stupid.



Pictures showing the damaged side of the ' Costa Concordia ' now she has been raised upright.

This side of the ship was under water for over a year and you can see the way it has distorted.

Plans are reported to be to stregthen this side of the ship and then fit support cassoons, as fitted to the other side of the ship, which will help with the ship being floated again.

This will not happen until next year.

At present she is supported by a special platform built on the sea bed and is not afloat !

As soon as it is considered safe a search of the inside of the ship is to be conducted to see if the still missing passenger and crew member can be found.



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I seem to recall hearing that one of the problems considered by raising the Concordia was all the remains of food on the ship, as there were concerns that this could lead to some pollution that could cause harm to sea life in the area. If that is still the case then I hope they clear away any food remains as soon as possible.


Hi jack

The ship had only started her cruise, just before she went aground, so the freezers and refridgerate areas on board would have been full of all types of fresh and frozen food.

Concern has been expressed about possible pollution from these items so I would think the storage areas will remain closed until the ship is taken to a shipyard next year.

One website did list the aprox amounts of food and other items thought to be on board but I know from when I was at sea how much we carried for just 1,500 pasengers and 800 crew so the amounts on the Concordia would be about four times what we had on board.



Latest news on the court case is that the helmsman was due to give evidence at the trial of the Captain on the 11th March 2014 but failed to turn up !

Interpol has been contacted to try and locate this person who is thought to have returned to Indonisia !

Local news suggests that there is no extradition agreement between Italy and Indonisia so there could be a problem regarding him returning to Italy.!

It has also been reported that the ships bridge was entered by two persons who were thought to be connected with Costa Cruises.

The bridge had been sealed, as it was a crime scene, and should not have been entered which has resulted in items being seized from the homes of these two people. !