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Constellation - noro type illness reported CDC Jan 28-Feb 11, 2012 cruise


Investigation Update on the Celebrity Constellation

Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises

Cruise Ship: Celebrity Constellation

Voyage Dates: January 28 – February 11, 2012

Number of passengers who have reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of passengers onboard: 95 of 1992 (4.77%)

Number of ill crew who have reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of crew onboard: 12 of 946 (1.27%)

Predominant symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea

Causative agent: Unknown

Actions: In response to the outbreak, Celebrity Cruises and the crew aboard the ship have taken the following actions:

Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures according to their outbreak prevention and response plan,
Made announcements to both notify passengers and encourage case reporting,
Conducted red level cleaning and delayed embarkation to permit a thorough disinfection,
Collected stool specimens from ill passengers and crew for diagnostic laboratory testing,
Distributed a pre-boarding health advisory to incoming passengers,
Made daily reports of gastrointestinal illness cases to the VSP,
Extended their turnaround day in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on February 11, 2012 to conduct a red level cleaning,
Delayed embarkation to permit a thorough disinfection, and
Consulted with CDC on disembarkation plans for active cases, terminal and transport infection control procedures

Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers will board the ship on arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on February 11, 2012 to conduct a targeted environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities.

lancashire lass

Very bad situation indeed. I would have liked the lady to have elaborated on her observations that hygiene standards were appalling.
In a situation like this I do feel the ships owners have a responsibility to passengers and I wonder if the cleaning crew are using appropriate disinfection methods.


Hmmm Daily Record - Mosspark Glasgow... 10K between a family of "how many???" There were four in her imediate family, - it doesnt mention how many others,
I have been on Constellation many times, and know a couple of her Captains well. I have never seen anything less than 100% diligence aboard this ship.
My husband had a norovirus on Carnival Freedom. He lost nearly three days of his cruise. We can do nothing more than THANK the staff on board for their attention. From sanitising our cabin inside and out four times daily. Sending my husband chicken broth several times (not an item on the menu).. FREE medical care, housekeeping coming to our cabin through the night to change sheets etc... HOW ON EARTH could we blame the ship.. We never once even considered complaining or blaming the ship!
It does not mean the ship is at fault!
SO WHAT..we lost some time on the ship. We have been ill on vacations before. Its not the ships fault!! Strangely enough, i am sure I can pinpoint the person from whom we caught it... day of changeover on our B2B, one woman, in the lounge, kept sneezing and sniffling, NO HANKIE, no covering up..I could see these virus pores in my head flying everywhere..
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases!
NOT always the ships fault!
If the ship takes all precautions that it can, and complies with health regulations.then TOUGH! IT HAPPENS!!!!
They clearly are expecting some kind of freebie from this...
Sounds like a bit O Soo'Side Shuffle to me...(pardon the Glaswegian!):laughalot:

lancashire lass

I think it is a question of the cruise lines and passengers working together to minimize outbreaks.
Noro is food borne by ingesting fecal matter, passed directly through contact One of the biggest culprits is the buffet, servers, and passengers who pick over food at the buffet, put stuff back and fill up contaminated water bottles at the buffets.:bigeek::bigeek:
Cruise Lines need to ensure crew are healthy and understand the importance of soap and water when washing hands. :)