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CMV Cruises latest cruise ship

Discussion in 'Other Cruise Lines' started by Neil, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    The ex P & O Cruises 1990 built 63,786 grt cruise ship ' Arcadia ' is joining the fleet of the UK operated CMV Cruises fleet in May 2017 as the ' Columbus ' !

    It appears she may have been chartered and not bought as happened with the ' Magellan ' which had been part of the Carnival Cruises fleet and still retains her winged funnel which looks magnificent in her new CMV Cruises colour scheme.

    A check of arrivals at the Australian port of Sydney for February 2020 shows the ' Columbus ' back operating regular cruises from that port under her present name of ' Pacific Pearl ' !

    In 2020 P & O Cruises UK will get their large new 160,000 grt cruise ship and it is possible that the last two smaller older cruise ships they operate,' mv Oriana and Aurora ' , which were built when P & O Cruises was British owned, could leave their fleet.

    Already the present ' mv Oriana ' is listed on a ship brokers website for sale at US $ 200, million so it is possible that she could be bought and join the other CMV Cruises UK operated cruise ships.

    As the Carnival group do not seem bothered to whom they sell their old cruise ships it would be great if CMV Cruises did buy her as a replacement for what appears to now be the chartered ' Columbus ' and then operated her on the UK market with either her present name or use an earlier P & O UK operated cruise ship name such as ' Chusan ' or ' Himalaya ' from when the company was British owned !

    Picture of the new CMV Cruises ship ' Columbus ' below and the present P & O Cruises 1995 built 69,840 grt ' mv Oriana ' . The P & O Cruises ' Aurora ' is 75,152 grt and entered service in 2000 !

    07.02.2017 Columbus- new.jpg
  2. jant

    jant Deckhand

    hi neil, we re booked on a around uk in sept on the discovery,,,,, i agree it would be wonderful to see the oriana with cmv!

  3. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi John

    Even though I remain a shareholder in Carnival, from the days of when it bought P & O and Princess Cruises and we had P & O shares from the profit sharing scheme then run I do not like the cut backs that Carnival now make on the UK based P & O ships ! ( The number of the old P & O shares we held were divided by 50% and then issued again as Carnival shares or we could have sold the original P & O shares to the new owners of P & O ! ) In the Carnival UK office in Southampton they have someone who was once one of my junior assistants and who now visits and travels on the UK operating Carnival Group owned ships, P & O, Princess, and Cunard, looking at ways to increase their earnings by cutbacks or extra charges !

    All the CMV cruises are about 25 % cheaper than a same length one on P & O plus their single supplement is also a lot lower. I know their ships are older and only three star but I think they offer far better value for money and have friends at the Royal College of Surgeons in London who now will only go on CMV and not P & O.

    Being older cruise ships you will get the odd problem but that was the fun of cruising back in the 1960's and 1970's ! Then there was no floating holiday theme parks with a hotel attached which is what I call these new mega cruise ships which are also too big to visit many ports so you are trapped on board and spending more money and making more profit for the ship's owners !

    CMV also drydock their own ships every year for maintenance where as P & O and most other larger companies now go from three and five years between drydocks information of which can be found on some of the other companies own websites !

    What is not generally known is that behind the CMV Cruises company all their own ships have a Greek ship owner who looks after his fleet of classic cruise ships ! lol

    Picture attached of their ' Marco Polo ' which having been built in 1965 as an atlantic service liner, operating between Europe and Canada, celebrated her 50 years in service in 2015 with two sold out round trip cruises to Canada from the UK having last visited there in 1989 !

    Recent picture of her attached.
    14.02.2017 marco polo.jpg
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  4. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    The new flag ship for the CMV Voyages fleet ' Columbus ' has been at Singapore for some work to start to adapt her for their type of service.

    Reported work being carried out includes the childrens facilities being removed and the casino being reduced in size !

    The ship has now departed from Singapore after first visiting the Sembawang shipyard amnd then making a refueling near to the cruise ship terminal .

    She has a reported 300 crew on board and also 100 tradesmen to prepare the ship for the new operators.

    Having had her name changed to ' Columbus ' before sailing from Singapore and being registered now in Nassau, and not as previously in London, she is next calling at the Sri Lanka port of Gale !

    After passing through the Suez Canal is due to visit the Damen shipyard in Rotterdam before proceeding to the UK port of Tilbury which will be the main departure port for her UK cruises.

    Various events are planned at Tilbury before her departure on her maiden UK cruise for CMV Voyages as their new flag ship...

    Picture attached of when she was sailing as the very popular UK operated P & O Cruises ship ' Arcadia '.

    20.04.2017 COLUMBUS  -  ARCADIA.jpg
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  5. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    In a change to previous information it is now being reported that the CMV Voyages chartered 1948 built classic cruise ship ' Astoria ' , which carries just 550 passengers, will now operate some UK cruises from the south coast ports of Poole and Portsmouth in the autumn of 2018 making a total of 15 UK cruises now being operated by this classic cruise ship.

    Picture of this beautifully maintained classic cruise ship when at the Norwegian North Cape earlier this year.
    08.04.2017 astoria north cape.jpg
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  6. haroldwilliams

    haroldwilliams Deckhand

    Hello Readers,
    I`m really glad that CMV is expanding and doing well. I have been trying to keep my eye on the Voyager to see if it has moved from Singapore and coming to North America with the new Mexican owners or if it will have a homeport in the Far East.
    Cruise Industry News has a lot of business news, and news of job changes, but not a whole lot on changes in deployment.
  7. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Harold

    Even though she has been reported as renamed ' Vidante Alegria 'the ex Hong Kong operated casino ship ' Voyager ' remains in the area of the Sembawang Singapore shipyard according to the AIS ship position maps !

    Not sure why unless her new owners are having a major refit carried out or it could be that charges for the work carried out by the shipyard for the previous ship owners has not been paid !

    Singapore has a reputation of impounding ships where money is owed and money was also reported as being owed to Gulf Oil for fuel supplied !

    It will be interesting to know the plans are for this old cruise ship as it appears her new owners operate some of the top hotels in Mexico !

    After her maiden voyage as ' Voyager ' , for her previous owners , Voyages of Discovery ' , passengers review pictures appeared of chipped wash basins in the cabins and worn towels plus reports of the smell of engine oil on some cabin decks.

    My own opinion is they ran this ship and only spent what was required to keep her in operation !

    Having then gone bust a check on the UK Companies House website shows you the large amounts the Directors were paid just before the company ceased trading leaving passengers to be brought home by ABTA !

    A few years ago the brother of the Chairman of the ' All Leisure Group' , who owned ' Voyages of Discovery ' ran a travel agents business and he too went bust which would now put me off booking any holiday with a company where they were involved with any travel company in any capacity !

    Picture shows the recent rusty state of the ' Voyager 'when bought at a Admiralty sale after operating in Hong Kong as a casino ship !

    Reports at the time suggested she had cost just £20 million which included refitting her at Genoa where this picture was taken. -
    22.04.2017 walruss genoa 1.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
  8. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Re worked picture of the new CMV Cruises ship ' Columbus ' with her new name and registration added ! lol

    15.04.2017 PACIFIC_PEARL 2.jpg
  9. haroldwilliams

    haroldwilliams Deckhand

    Hello Neil,
    She does look rusty, and apparently has had several different names. Perhaps her wealthy buyers will spend some money on her.
    I just came back 2 days ago from a trip to BVI (Tortola) on the Escape, and seeing the work on the docks which were completed less than a year ago according to one local resident. Quite an improvement.
  10. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Harold

    Not too sure what is going on as she has been in the region of the Sembawang shipyard at Singapore since about the 5th January 2017 and was still there today !

    It is known her previous owners owed money to various companies in the Singapore area including the shipyard so I am wondering if her new owners are not prepared to pay those outstanding bills and so she is impounded until the payment problems are sorted or it could be that some major problems have been found with the ship and her operating to meet all the latests safety regulations with more new ones coming in for next year.
    Some older cruise ships have already replaced their lifeboat davits including the 1965 built C & M Voyages ' Marco Polo ' as they will not meet all the new regulations !

    When I was cruising on the then British owned P & O Cruises ' ss Oriana ', we operated cruises from Australia for about seven years and would drydocked every year at this Singapore shipyard for between 9 and 14 days !

    The ship yard staff are very skilled and in four months they could completely rebuild a cruise ship inside and have done many major jobs in less time in the past !

    Picture of the 1960's UK built ' ss Oriana ' off of the Tongan port of Vav'au in 1985, and which when built was the fourth largest passenger ship in the world at just under 42,000 grt ! She carried about 1,500 passengers

    She was also the first passenger ship fitted with side thruster engines, so she did not always need tugs when docking, and she also held the record for the fastest crossings of both the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean both ways !

    Many thanks for the news on BVI.

    I have heard that many Caribbean ports are making these improvments so more ports can taken these massive amusement parks with a hotel on a pontoon !

    . 02.05.2017 Oriana  Tonga  1985.jpg
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  11. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Picture of the new 63,786 grt, 1,400 passenger flag ship for Cruise & Maritime Voyages, ' Columbus ' showing her at the dutch Damen shipyard at Schiedam, near Rotterdam , where she arrived on the 13th May 2017 after visiting the Sembawang shipyard in Singapore.

    After some upgrading, the removal of her childrens facilities and the re-arranging of some of her public rooms including the reducing in size of her casino her first cruise is due to depart from the UK port of Tilbury on the 11th June 2017 prior to which a naming event will be held at Tilbury and mainly travel trade quests invited to visit the new ship.

    This three star adult only cruise ship will have 150 single cabins available for pasengers at only a 25% supplement which is very reasonable, as many other companies are charging from 75 to 100 %.

    Although a limited number of children will be allowed on board during a few of her summer cruises, at the request of regular cruisers with this company, there are no special facilities for them !
    16.05.2017 COLUMBUS 1.jpg