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CharlieW flies Friday, June 2, for Constellation


PS....Tivoli is fun to say "you have been there".....but basically an amusement park .....and NOT Disney World:? , plus exorbitantly priced restaurants


:shock: :shock: Off to home:shock: BUT lovely sea day tomorrow.

Whole cruise sounds fantastic, and so packed with stuff, that maybe, just MAYBE, not too sad to be heading home:cry: :cry:


That is one cruise that I think you need an all sea day cruise to recover. :D

Wonderful but WOW, are you on the go on that cruise.

Hello, where am I, it must be Olso ? Sounds like you almost need a port, a sea day, a port, a sea day ?

Must be why we liked The Canal 14 day cruise soooooooo much. :joy:


T'would seem that most of the Baltic cruises are like that....JUST PACKED...and, of course, you don't want to miss anything,.....so it is GO...GO.... GO!!!

Did notice that Crystals and Oceania itineraries are more leisurely, but you miss so many ports:confused:

Guess I was lucky,..... was SO SICK with a bad cold by the time I hit Bergen on my personal extended jaunt from Westerdam, BUT it got over QUICKLY.

Visions of pnemonia in foreign hospital with NO insurance:shock: NOT inviting


Definitive answer on route from Warnemunde to Coperhagen:green: :joy: from TOTALLY RELIABLE source!!!!!

Departure and arrival dictated by port contracts........simply TOO short a distance to travel, so thus, the longer, more leisurely route.

NOW, as to why they got there late:confused:


We're back - sort of. Still have a long travel day ahead. Yesterday was a much needed day at sea.

The last couple of days were hectic. We were late getting into Copenhagen because of port traffic. We drifted outside the port for over an hour until an NCL ship left and freed up a berth. That cut into our sightseeing time. Celebrituy needs to to add more time in both Copenhagen and Oslo. Only 6 hours in oslo not nearluy enouigh time to see everything. There alsop needs to be a sea day after Berlin. That was a killer.

Well the ship is fading from sight out the back of the bus window as we head back to Heathrow for our flight on Virgin Atlantic VS001 this afternoon.

Celebrity brought in another entertainer for our last show last night. Mario d' Andreas. Born in Italy, grew up in Australia, and now lives in Las Vegas. He played the guitar, sang and a comedian. He was outstanding. My vote for one of the top 2 shows for the trip.

Still congested, still having coughing fits, still using boxes of tissues but feel 100% beter then I did in Copenhagen/Oslo.

It was hard saying goodbye to all the people we met in the last 14 days. Our asst waiter and sommalier were both ending contracts after 8 months on the ship. One to India the other to Lithuania. We saw them this morning and they both had huge smiles as they were leaving the ship.

Thanks everyone for all the great capture. They looked good on the blackberry so I can't wait to see them on my computer.


"Quelle Bummer" part of trip coming up.

"Reality" is about to sit on Charlie's shoulder.

"Reality " weighs a ton and takes a few days to adjust to having on your shoulders again.

Damum thing sits there until you book another cruise !


For those who may still be wondering about the routes taken into
Copenhagen, this is from a recent report on a Jewel of the Seas Baltic

"The reason we went the long way round is because the bridge joining Denmark to Sweden has a channel of only 5.5 metres and Jewel has a draught of 6.5 metres."

and a response to the report by a Danish resident:

"The Øresund Bridge between Sweden and the small islands of Saltholm and Peberholm is too low (about 55 m.) for the big cruise ships and the Channel "drogden" between the airport and Saltholm and peberholm is to shallow.

But the Port of Copenhagen are planing a new Cruise terminal and they also going to dig the Drugden Channel deeper. so the ships can enter the baltic sea by that route.
But they can´t dig too deep because of the Road/Rail tunnel going under so there are a possibility of digging until 10 meters deep.

All off todays cruise ship (exluded QM2) will be able to sail in the Channel, Freedom of the seas for example will have a clearance of only 1,4 meters to the bottom of the channel and QM2´s draft is 10 meters and she will not be able to sail through."

So they either didn't build the bridge high enough or they didn't dig the
tunnel deep enough (or maybe a bit of both).


I should have known that!

Thanks for the info, Cliff! I would not want to be in the tunnel if the Freedom of the Seas ever goes under that bridge! :D
Oresund Bridge_Copenhagen.JPG