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CharlieW flies Friday, June 2, for Constellation


Charlie, this should be a wonderful stalking cruise.....Have a FABULOUS TIME:joy: :green:


Charlie...have an absolutely WONDERFUL time....gosh this cruise has crept us on us all...and no doubt on you! :D...but I just know you are all packed & ready!

BON VOYAGE......have a FANTASTIC cruise & enjoy, enjoy :green: :joy: :green:

Hugs....Robina :luv:


Charlie Tuna,

Remember you are representing the great state of New Jersey.:clap:

I don't think you are missing any of my "dream locations " on this trip. :luv:

I will refrain from the sulking corner as you are a fellow MAC. :D

No need to wish you a good time, that is a forgone conclusion :dancer:


CharlieW -

- have a great time and enjoy your cruise - will think of you Sunday as I board Freedom.



Thanks everyone. We are looking forward to this trip. Still have to think about packing, taking the dog to the kennel etc. etc. etc.

Vic, enjoy the Freedom of the Seas - Have a great cruise!

Kristen - if you are available, we would welcome an experts guide in Tallinn. I'll send you a PM.


I think that Kristen needs to have a Kroooz-Cam Tour Guide Hat and shirt made up. :mrgreen:

We can just keep sending members his way :clap:


its a good expirinece to meet a american here in estonia and you all are good people
i sad that terry and mike where only about 6 hours in estonia i had so much to show them :(
but charlie will see it all beacause he is about 10 hours in estonia:D


Wonderful !

Ten hours should give him a wonderful tour.

I am so glad that you enjoy showing our "family members " that come to your country.

It is a wonderful way to meet people from other countries. :luv:

You will be an expert tour guide by the end of the summer. :green: