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Changes to Ketchikan


Staff member
We have cruised many times to Alaska and been in the port of Ketchikan on most every trip. My wife and I were discussing the changes we have seen in Ketchikan.

When we arrived this trip we had seen that the pier area has been much improved. They have replaced the majority of the pier with steel and concrete. There have been new statues and buildings built in several places along the pier. There is still some wood left in the pier for the old time look and feel but it is now mostly concrete to handle the tour busses and the people off the ship. They did a good job on this and it makes it easier to walk on the pier.

The one thing that we really do not care for are all the shops related to the cruise lines. There are far to many jewelry stores all selling the same things. Yes I know the shops will all say they are selling things different and better then the next shop but lets face it, they all sell the same thing. I really do not care for the fact that the vast majority of things sold in the other shops is all foreign. Yes it is cheaper but there is a reason it is cheaper and that is the quality of the products. We did take more time to walk farther into town so we could find the true Alaskan products this trip and will do so in the future.

When we first started going to Ketchikan we enjoyed the Alaskan flavor of it. That is now gone and we really do not care if we get off the ship here anymore. The only thing to get us off the ship here now are the tours and we will still do some of them but look for tours separate from the ship and different from what the ships offer.

Pam in CA

You're right about all the shops. It's kind of what's happened in the Caribbean to all the ports that used to be charming and are now all about the money, losing their character. The last time we were in Ketchikan, my daughter and I did the Duck tour. Hokie but lots of fun. :)