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Celebrity Summit - two GLBT passengers arrested in Dominica


Two gentlemen were allegedly caught performing lewd acts in their cabin when the ship docked in Dominica...

More here :

Two gay cruise passengers arrested - World news, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

I am surprised that this happened in one respect, how someone could have seen what was going on inside a cabin from the dockside is questionable....but I am also surprised that Atlantis who had chartered Summit did not make sure that their passengers did not know what the laws were at the respective ports of call were and what would not be tolerated, that I believe is the responsibility of Atlantis. I also have to question why Dominica was on the itinerary when the anti-GLBT laws and feelings are very well known and evident from previous charter cruises that have called there in the past.

I do not want this thread turned into gay bashing, please....we are all adults here and thus should be able to discuss what happened in an adult way. Any posts that are potentially offensive will be edited or removed as required without explanation.

Thank you.

lancashire lass

Well from this article it sounds to me like the port police might have been watching the dock or had people do this. They obviously knew it was a line that catered to Gay travel. Sounds like a ploy for money.
Perhaps these two individuals were not engaging in a sex act on a balcony etc perhaps they were naked and looking over the rail.
Stupid of course but I think its up to to cruise line to make sure that passengers know what the rules are.
If they didn't have a balcony cabin then I do not know how anyone could have spied on them.


In one report it says that passengers were informed about such regulations in Dominca.

Here is a link that shows the Summit in Dominca, it is some way off the quayside via gangway. To look inside seems almost impossible, unless someone was using binoculars or the act was performed on a balcony.

For me tourists should respect the laws, cultural and historic values of the country you are visiting. We have no right to try impose our "standards" on a sovereign nation, if the population what changes in the law then THEY can do that at the ballot box.