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Casual Cooks 101


ROFL I've never thought of that!! Might be a good idea LOL I love the going out option too....no cleanup involved! I hate doing dishes! :whip:


It was raining here yesterday and we went out to dinner...... Great Thai!

(Also 'cause I didn't want to cook last night) Tonight leftover chicken enchiladas I think we're doing this ethnic thing lately...... :shhh:


OK...here it is...back up front so all the new people can come and share their culinary delights with us..
My DH is so sick of the same food over and over.....:(


I see threads titled "Seasonal Dishes"

"Dessert Recipes"

They are in the Food and Drink Forum

We can start a recipe thread.

Ok, started a new thread, Our Favorite Recipes..great idea Karyn. :) I really enjoy cooking and sharing new things I've tried.