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Carnival Glory - Boston to Canada - rough seas?

Hello! I am interested in taking my mother on her first cruise with our children (3yrs and 10 months). It is a last minute idea for the end of this month. She is VERY nervous about it.

My past experiences are a 7 night Southern Caribbean on RC in July which was silky smooth and a 7 night New York-Bahamas on Norwegian in December that was pretty rough along the coast (12-15 ft waves according to the bridge channel on the Tv).

We are thinking of taking a 5 night from Boston to Saint Johns and Halifax in a couple of weeks (June 2012). Any advice/comments on past experiences? Typically rouge seas or not? Sure, there are no guarantees with nature but I am just wondering if there is anything "typical" that we can expect for this route at this time of year. If we go and it is rough my mother will NEVER go anywhere again with us!

Also, any idea at what point these waves go from a nuisance for passengers to compromising safety?