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Caribbean Ports


What is your favorite port in the Caribbean? If you do not book an excursion do you know of anything to do other then shop? I have been on 5 cruises now and I always book an excursion at every port. Just looking for fun things to do that aren't necessarily on the itinerary. Also if you know of any beaches that are "off the map" away from the crowds

Pam in CA

I don't really have a favorite but a couple of times when I've gone to Aruba, we walked outside the terminal and took a taxi tour. They have a standard rate of $45/hour. We were taken all over the island, away from the crowds and buses over back roads, and dropped off at the beach for a drink and lunch. We made arrangements with the driver to pick us up two hours later but could have stayed longer. There was no one around and we had the beach to ourselves while we were there. All for a total of $90; split four ways, it was $25/pp plus tips.


Staff member
I'm sorry to say I have been to the Caribbean many times but never really found anyplace that stood out to me and made me want to go back. When I go to the Caribbean it is usually because of the ship.


I think my favorite is St Croix, but I`m not completly impressed by the Caribbean. Martinique is unique for the French culture.


Martinique ws very nice when I went. ALL the beaches in the Caribbean are beautiful! You just cant beat that turquoise water!


St. Thomas and San Juan, for sure.LOVED the winding roads in St. Thomas(we went on a almost-open air bus tour of St. Thomas.So much fun!