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Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess


He was posting a long explanation ?

Now what would need a long explanation? :roll:

He is being bumped up to the Presidental Suite ?

Invited to sit at The Captains Table every night ?


The ship did not have any record of his reservation and he is staying in Venice.:eek:

I know, he is bored already and misses us :luv:

He noticed that we are faithfully following him to be sure he is okay ! :D



KNEW she would sail late, but very glad I did not have to sit on the Bacino San Marco cam, wondering "HOW late":joy:

NOW, all we need is that FLIGHT REPORT from the Captain:mrgreen:


Being I was not out of bed, :D

Thanks for the capture Liz.

Was our wee Robyn in any of those gondolas trying to catch up with the ship?

At least per attached picture, he could send us a shot from the wedding chapel.

Unlike my famous "top of the ceiling " wedding chapel defeat, he would only have to lay down on the floor.

I imagine that would be the easiest position at this point in his cruise.

P.S. The cam position was a suggestion of Keith, as he finds this the most comfortable after a night of pub crawling.
Grand wedding chapel.jpg


Piraeus is the largest passenger port in Europe and one of the largest passenger ports in the world. It services 20 million passengers annually approximately (including the Salamina - Perama commuting service which handles appr. 8 million passengers annually)

I did not realize the above information concerning the size of this port.

A camera will be quite a coup ! :joy:

It looks to be a beautiful day.


Master of the Vessel
Hey Dani :)

What were you expecting on the cam???? It is a beautiful day and I am at Within Reach now using one of their computers which are great. I am soooo tired of Princesses internet access. Waay too slow. Just had lunch with Iordannis and Joyce Adamidis. Joyce does know Shelagh from an earlier introduction

We are not going to be able to get the cam going today. Maybe, but highly unlikely. I've looked at the roof and it is a perfect location. Should be a very popular cam.

Signing off for now,


Not only is your server back up and running:joy: :green: , but now it is posting in Greek, too:shock:


:duh: Wonder what it said?:eek:

For some reason it takes a long time to be allowed in to some Greek ports. We have always been late.


Just hope Captain is safely back on board.....and no one is hearing his name being announced on the PA system:pray: :shock: