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Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess


Descent started!!!! Arrving early 8.36am - 12 minutes to go! :joy: Tray table up, seat in landing position....fasten those seatbelts (and that probably goes for the rest of Europe too) :p


LAST LEG:joy: :green: Thank goodness, cause expect Captain is on HIS last legs

:pray: that HE and ALL 5 TONS OF LUGGAGE are safely on board!!!!!!


:joy: :green: :joy:

NOW, for the fun.........FIRST UP, that fabulous water taxi ride into the city (SIGH)


Good capture Wolfgang... :joy: :joy:

That will be one for Jeff's picture book.

It may just be me ..but isn't that a smaller plane than normal to fly an international flight from Atlanta to Germany ?

Or maybe we have been too used to the 2 seats-five seat- 2 seats. across , double aisle arrangement ?

If it were a one aisle plane it must have cozy ! That is when I am glad of my wee short legs. Robyn ? We do have some advantages.

One however is not being able to climb into the airport van from the hotel.

In Seattle, I could not get up into the van on first attempt, so they brought out a step stool for me to use.

Impossible to put my foot up to my waist to get into one of those monsters.


"water taxi ride into the city"
I hope the Captain does get to go by water taxi. We went by bus and there sure is no comparison. Then again we were on MSC:duh:
Cheers. Paul



I have one question for those of you that have to this lovely water city.

Some people report that the water canals smell ?

Is this true.? I had one person say that is why they preferred the Florence tour .


Water Taxi was DEFINITELY part of the plan:joy: with a stop at San Michele, the cemetery island.

Dani, "Eau de Canale" is an important feature of Venice:joy: :green: , but probably not so pervasive this early in the year. Only had a brief whiff of it last April. Imagine that by July it could be a bit THERE, but no way would it EVER make me not want to go



According to the flight info posted, that was a Boeing 767, which is a wide
body aircraft. Probably looked smaller in WB's capture approaching the
terminal but it really is a larger aircraft. Hope Jeff enjoyed it.


That is good for it did look smaller.

I know the airlines are really pushing the smaller Airbus. Out here in nowhere land, we routinely get on a smaller plane even to fly 3 hours or more.

We used to have more direct flights but now we are a true backwater.

For our flight to San Juan in Feb. If we use Princess Air as we are currently set up to do, we will have to pay the air deviation fee..otherwise they could be sending us all over with long layovers.

If we find at the time of booking their flights, we can do it cheaper, we could change to doing it on our own. But that will probably not be the case.

Probably the best we can hope for is to flight to Chicago and then straight to San Juan.

Also depends on which airline has not gone out of business.:cry:


DEFINITELY the RIGHT PLANE, Dani and the only Delta Flight in Stuttgarten at the time

First time ever - Krooozer captured in a PLANE:green: :joy:


Maybe he covered himself in patches for the flight ?

Now we have to up the ante...

1. Catch cruise ship.

2. Catch airplane.

3. Catch taxi cab.

4. Catch glimpse like the women on Canal balcony.

Where will it all end ?

That is it !!!:joy: :joy:

We will attach a webcam to their rear end ! :green:

Mark from the Deep South can be our first test case in a few weeks.

Mark assume the position ! :mrgreen:

We will not know where he is going but we will know where he has been !

The ultimate cruise tracker device. Get a patent, get a copyright.

Sell film rights to Hollywood.

I can see the book now :

" My Cruise is Behind Me " by Mark D :clap:



What in the world are you doing online at 4:00am Venice time???
Get some sleep, man, so you can enjoy the days, too.

Have a great one.


Master of the Vessel
Hey Cliff :)I just posted a long explanation, but lost connection. I will rewrite it later.jeff