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Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess


Yep, Wish that bunch of Princes in Whatever Land would get enough money
so they would stop sending those emails.

How many people send them money ? There is a never ending stream of those things...


These were not THOSE......these said things like "Important Security Update from Chase Bank" and "open THIS attachment from AOL Security"

:nono: :nono: :nono:


Master of the Vessel
Okay, here are the last 2 movies. These are VERY LARGE files too. Please ONLY right click on the file name and "save target as" to your computer. Once you have it saved to your hard drive, just double click to play.
Recommended for Broadband ONLY!

A Walk through Obersdorf
Movie 4 (179MB) Windows
Movie 4 (124MB) MAC

Race to Stuttgart Airport
Movie 5 (303MB) Windows
Movie 5 (208MB) MAC

Sorry if you cannot play them. Outdated software, old hardware, or weak machines are waay beyond my control.

Have fun,



That is why the wonderful MAC will do it tonight, of course, guided by the magnificent tech. Sean !


OK, the ride on the Autobahn is definitely scarier than the ski lift!!! :eek:

Wonderful movies, Mark! Great quality, too! :clap: :clap: Jeff, thanks for posting them! :) :)


Loved seeing the house and THAT VIEW:joy: , again, Mark:D

Hmmmm, my money is still on the ski lift, for scariest, though. DO NOT LIKE HEIGHTS!!!!!

Thanks from me, too, again for uploading them, Jeff.

3 down and 2 to go on the downloads:clap: