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Captain flies to Venice on May 15 for Grand Princess


From the Sulking Corner :mad:

The Ship awaits The Captain,
The crew wonders what happened ?

The Bridge is silent and dark,
No orders are given or barked.

Lost and listlessly milling about,
The crew is begining to pout.

How will they sail all alone,
None of them have a cell phone.

A letter to The Captain will take too long,
They must be ready to sail with the dawn.

Suddenly a wonderful loud noise is heard,
On the deck comes to rest a giant big bird.

As the blades stop their rapid whirl,
The Ship flags begin to shake and unfirl.

Resplendent in White,Golden bars shining bright
The Captain leaps to the deck in the cool dark night.

Many happy cheers ring out,
Passengers and crew give a hearty shout.

Now we can party and sail,
For everyone a large glass of ale !

Happy Cruising Jeffrey:dancer:

I will be standing by in my Sulking Corner awaiting your return.

Please do post a few messages to those you leave behind :cry:

( As I will be sitting on my behind, waiting to read about your exploits )


wolfgang said:
Bavaria is prepared !

Bavaria is prepared
:dancer: Good evening, Wolfgang,

This is a great picture. I travelled on DB railways from Lindau to Munchen a year ago, and a lot of that trip was spent amidst scenery like that, I loved it...




Two roses among the thorns, no that is not right,

Two roses among the weeds, no that is still not correct.

Two weeds among the flowers ?

Oh heavens, two somethings among the somethings somewhere !:duh:


Jeff. Enjoy your trip and I hope your legs and (butt, bums, rear) or whatever are ready for the long ride.:dancer:


So what can I say dear El Capitano....I'm on 'day release' from the already crowded 'Sulking Corner'!!!!! :mrgreen:

Have an 'ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS' time........relax & enjoy! Will be thinking of you while you are exploring Venezia!!!!! DO have at least 1 lunch at 'La Calcina'....ok....maybe not for 7 hours :shock: ....but I get a sneaking feeling the wait staff will well remember ' our lunch' last year!!!!!!!!

Concentrate on setting up Shelagh & Wolfgang cams....and if we hear from you inbetween....it will be a bonus! If not....and you ARE supposed to be on vacation..we will wait until you return.

Enoy, enjoy :joy: :green:

Grazie mille....Robina



This does sound like a wonderful cruise..... I hope you have a wonderful time Jeff...... Don't worry about back here.... Not that any of us would run-a-muck.. Who us?? lol........ We can have a party here guys..... Who's bringing food??? Who's bringing the liquor???:joy: :green: lol..........
Have a great time........


Now gather around gang,

While I was in L.A. I swiped the number on Jeff's credit card !!!!

So the plan is :

You will all be getting your own webcam in the mail.

Set it up on your computer desk.

We will now be linked both by words and pictures.

You may indulge yourself by wearing costumes. :joy:

I know that Keith will be excellent in this endeavor.

There is no reason that you must look like yourself. :shock:

If you feel like Queen Elizabeth that day, wear your Tiara !

If you are sulking, wear a bag over your head.

You are limited only by your imagination and wardrobe.

We have all wondered what we really look like ( you mean you really believe those fake Avatars ? )

I know you have imagined that Liz, Robyn and I are not really the beautiful, sexy women that we are in real life. Sorry, you were wrong. :D

Mark in the deep south does not have skinny legs, he is really tough and buff.

Wolfgang has never been on a bike in his life and actually is white haired, about 3 feet tall.

The Tiger really does have stripes. She has tatoos all over her body.

Poor Keith has lovely red curls that he tries to hide by wearing that black wig.

It just goes on and on folks, but now our true self will be revealed. :eek:

Duck and Cover !


:joy: :green: My 'howl of the day' so far Dani :D

Can't wait to receive my webcam in the mail - and will start sorting through my wardrobe for appropriate 'cam-wear' ;)


"Cam-wear" I am sure will appear for sale shortly:joy: :green:

Tiaras, thongs, etc.....ALL with the appropriate Kroooz-cams logo.

Imagine our Captains surprise as his credit cards begin to BOUNCE all OVER Grand P and Europe. MAXED OUT:shock:

NOW, as to flight schedule.... Ontario (CA), Atlanta, Stuttgart, Milan, Venice (I am exhausted just TYPING that:shock: )

NOW.....arriving Stuttgart at 9:10am on May 16.....departing Stuttgart at 11:40 am.....WITH a required check in with the "operating carrier" (BESIDES....you'll HAVE to go out for a "smoke break") just SHOULD give us a stalk op on THIS cam




Webcam 4 looked like a conveyor belt at first glance.

Made me wonder if Jeff was being shipped or does he have a seat ?

If he is being "shipped " does he get a meal ?

Are the prices different on the size of the shipping container?

He will need a fairly large one.

Man, I knew Jeff liked to save money but REALLY, this is too much.

Is it too late to chip in and get him at least a comfortable carrier ? :confused:


Thanks Liz...think the timeframe is around 5pm to 7pm Tuesday evening for me.....if I'm not held up at 'work'....I'll be watching :joy:


Do they have "logo underwear" hanging up for sale:confused:

NOW, think appropriate stalking spot should be about HERE:D


Cruise Comedian
Have a great trip, Jeff. I can't wait for the "meeting of MY century" in Stuttgart, where I'll join the ranks of stalkEEs instead of stalkERs.

See you soon,


Have a great time Mark.....will look forward to seeing you on the 'Wolfgang cam' :joy: :joy: & congrats on your impending change of status to stalk-ee :D


Master of the Vessel
I'm almost ready to leave. Just need to pack! Tomorrow morning cannot come soon enough. I had a bunch of last minute work come up at the last minute on Wednesday. Ended up working until 8PM on friday plus Saturday. Not a good way to start but fortunately I have been preparing for a long time.

Shelagh wrote this morning and we will have the Piraeus cam up and running soon. Joyce Adamidis wrote and said that the restaurant she wanted to go to in Piraeus is no longer there, but we will manage. Bart is picking me up at Schipol Airport for my 2 days in Velsebroek. Looking forward to meeting Mark finally in Stuttgart. Can't wait to see Wolfgang again and have some of those conversations we were unable to during that quick visit last year. Oh, and La Calcina confirmed reservations this morning for our dinner on the 16th. I've travelled for 3 weeks before but this trip will be the ultimate. Please try and keep up. If its Tuesday, this must be Venice!