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Buying Books On Line !


For those of you who buy books on line, I would not recommend 'Abe Books ' !

I placed an order for a book and they took my money straight away.

Two days later I was told the book is not available and would I like something different which I did not want !

It took nine days to get a refund as they seemed more interested in trying to sell me another book than give me the refund I wanted and even again sent me a list of books for sale yesterday.

Be warned as I consider their customer service to be a disgrace !

They sell world wide and include other items on their website !

With Ebay or Amazon you can get a refund in 24 hrs. if something is wrong, but they kept me waiting nine days no doubt because I would not buy another book !

Their logo is attached.
29.08.2017 ABE BOOKS.png