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Brooklyn Cruise Terminal


I notice that there are no driving directions from New Jersey.

The SIMPLE explanation for THIS is, as already previously discussed on the forum....YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE!!!!!!:duh: :mrgreen:


Liz - it's simple -

-they just don't want people from New Jersey to go there. Besides it will cost more in tolls and parking than the cruise fare!

Although we have Cape Liberty (sounds nicer than Bayonne) I can drive to Baltimore for a cruise and pay less money in tolls and less for parking than going to Brooklyn - takes about the same amount of time also.

Let me think - Brooklyn or Baltimore???
2 hours to Brooklyn - 2 1/2 hours to Baltimore
Tolls - bridges tunnels etc.
+- $17.00 to Brooklyn - +- $9.00 to Baltimore
Parking Fees:
First born in Brooklyn - $10 /day in Baltimore
On Return:
Car may be gone from Brooklyn - Car safe and sound in Baltimore

Enjoy cruise without having to worry about how I might have to get home - PRICELESS!

Choice is not difficult.



Lost in brooklyn...

If you get lost , the Red Hook branch of the Brooklyn Public library is about 6 blocks from the terminal at Wolcott and Dwight. Tel #718-935-0203. They can direct you to terminal. ;)