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Boudicca - noro type illness reported on current cruise


Ally .... It will always happen because people will sign the questionaire regardless of if they are ill or not, the fact that some people refuse to wash their hands or clean them or have them sprayed with the anti bacteria hand cleansers is not helpful.

NCL as we found out in February have a system in place throughout the fleet and on the Jade at the 3 buffet entrances had a member of staff with a spray bottle making sure each passenger got some on their hands before they went in with the encouragement of Washy washy ... Happy Happy. This had been started by a member of the Jade.

There were the odd one or two who we saw who walked by and others who used the stand alone ones, more got the message when they saw our Washy Washy T shirts LOL, the Hotel Manager and the Captain thought they were a great idea.

Some peole told us that they had been to the shops on the Jade trying to buy them ... :biggrinbounce2:

lancashire lass

Handwashing before eating is the very first line of defence. Noro seems to be staying around longer this season. That and viral pneumonia, Take care out there:)