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Bon Voyage Boo Boo's Mum!!! (MSC Opera)


Hoping that your cruise is as great as you want it to be....enjoy the rest, the relaxation and the amazing sights & sounds of the Baltic!!


BooBoos Mum

Cricky i had a shock when i saw this Bon Yoyage i still have a week left yet so not going untill the 22nd May folks ....wish i was going now though :)

lancashire lass

We have to get you in full cruise mode before you step aboard Boo:dancing_banana::dancing_banana::dancing_banana:

Bon Voyage. Now get packing:)


Have a great time.

Look out for Jose Maria and his able assistant Ricardo around tables no 60 in the main dining room (la Caravela).

We all agreed that that duo were the best and friendliest waiters any of us had encountered and some of my table mates had more than 40 cruises under their belts including high end lines.

BooBoos Mum

I have no need to start packing some things are always packed away in my suitcase which now STANDS up in my bedroom READY :laughalot:....must admit our first waiter wasn't very nice but he was due to go home the next day ( he must have been knackered ) & our waiter after was great :) but yes i'm in the mood already