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Big U future still uncertain despite being in new ownership


With NCL / Star Cruises, who are part of the Genting group, having bought two old American ships and two unfinished ships so they could get their cruises to Hawaii start, they said at the time they hoped to return both ships to service.

With the ex ss Oceanic / Independance now at Alang, and still awaiting to be beached due to polution problems, this news about the ss United States is not a surprise.

Picture of the ex ss Oceanic, with the tug which was towing her, off of Alang.

This ship should not be confused with the present Japanese Peace Boat.


NCL have said that they are prepared to sell the ss United States to the ss United States Conservancy Group for US $ 3 million even though they have been offered US $ 5.9 million if they sell the ship for scrap.

The group have until February 2011 to finalize the deal.

Various hurdles still remain to be overcome including the Environmental Protection Agency concerns over toxic materials on board and her berthing fees in the port.

Today is the 58th anniversary of her maiden voyage and various events are arranged on the quay side in Philadelphia including the lighting up of her funnel tonight.

The ship was the flag ship of the US Merchant Marine, and held the Blue Ribbon for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, but has been sadly neglected in recent years.

Recent picture of her below and when in service.
01.07 United States.jpg
01.07 united states in service.jpg


Some pictures of the ss United States showing the bridge and ballroom as she was in service and since she has been stripped out and her asbestos removed.

Captain Larry

I must say that the picture of the bridge looks a lot like what I used when I was driving ships, and not like the "video game" computer screens and joy sticks they use today. I'm not opposed to progress. I'm just being a bit nostalgic today.


It was certainly good news last night about the ss United States.

Lets hope plans can now go ahead to save her and maybe open her up as a museum and conference centre.

I think to operate even part of her as a hotel would cost too much for the conversion work.

Hi Captain Larry

Comparing passenger ships bridges

Some pictures for you of the bridge on the ss Oriana which was built in 1960.

Also one of when the ship breakers started their work.
04.07 bridge ss oriana 1.jpg
04.07 bridge oriana 2.jpg
04.07 oriana bridge 3.jpg


Sad to see the old ships go that way. I know they can't all be saved, but I do hope the SS United States, even just the shell of her that is left, finds a useful purpose. :)


The cost of converting the Rotterdam and the losses on the Queen Mary, berthed in Los Angeles, give an idea of what operating a stationary passenger ship can cost.


That is really good news! Here's hoping the funding is found to restore her and keep her around for a long time to come in whatever capacity she may serve.


Now they have managed to save the ship lets hope they can buy some paint and improve her present appearence from the quayside.

Even if her funnels were re-painted it would improve her appearence.

Pictures below of how she did look and how she is now.
02.02 United States.jpg
02.02 United States  2.jpg